Santa Cruz Longboard Review

Santa Cruz Longboard Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

If you’re searching for a good quality longboard then you may come across Santa Cruz Longboards. Santa Cruz makes excellent quality longboards and skateboards made from only the toughest and the most flexible materials around. This Santa Cruz Longboard review will help you find out if this longboard is the best one for you.  


The Santa Cruz Longboard has one of the coolest designs around with the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta on the upper deck. This longboard is a drop thru Cruzer style, freeride longboard that’s available complete with trucks and wheels so you’re ready to roll even from out of the box. 

Specific Features

  • Made from durable, very resistant maple wood. 
  • It will arrive pre-assembled and assembly won’t take much of your time. 
  • This longboard is made using the latest construction technology. 

The Santa Cruz Longboard was made by Santa Cruz Skateboards, one of the leading companies that manufacture board sports products and lifestyle items for more than 40 years. Santa Cruz was established in 1973 and has created colorful shirts with eye-popping designs and graphics. Santa Cruz offers all kinds of products that fit beginners as well as experienced riders. 

Pros and cons

Going back to the Santa Cruz Longboard, you must learn about the different pros and cons of this product to find out if it’s the right one to match your needs. 


  • Made from high quality, durable materials
  • With a large 10 feet deck length
  • Will arrive pre-assembled, ready to roll in a few minutes.
  • One of the lightest longboards at 2.28 kg. 


  • Complaints that the wheels were eaten easily.
  • Complaints about the bearings.
  • Problems with bubbling grip tape.

Things to consider before buying a Santa Cruz Longboard 

Before you settle with a Santa Cruz longboard, consider the following factors:

What is your riding style?

If you’re new to longboarding then you should select a cruising or a carving longboard. If you want to go fast but still maintaining control, you need a downhill longboard. For skilled riders, a freeride or a freestyle longboard is best. 

What longboard shape do you prefer?

Choose from 2 traditional longboard shapes: directional and symmetrical or twin longboards. Directional is only for forwarding movement while twin longboards are for riders who want to freeride and freestyle. Twin longboards are asymmetrical and look and feel similar no matter where it’s facing.

What is longboard length and wheelbase do you need?

The length and the wheelbase length are important when turning and for maintaining stability. Longer boards require a stable wheelbase, especially at higher speeds. 

Get to know longboard materials

Most longboards use veneer sheets of birch or maple wood. Other boards are made from bamboo laminates while some expensive models use carbon fiber which is very durable and lightweight. 

Features and Benefits

Made from the best materials

The Santa Cruz Longboard is made from layers of tough, very durable yet flexible maple wood. This longboard has a smooth finish and feels very light. Many agree that it’s versatile and proves its worth on the streets, on playgrounds, and downhill slides. 

Just the right longboard size

This longboard is the perfect size for beginner users. The length and width allow you to stand safely or to carefully maneuver different terrains. This board is ready to roll for long distances and to perform fancy tricks thanks to its great shape and size.  

With quality hardware and wheels

A closer look at the wheels seems to indicate that it’s standard skateboard wheels but when you ride the longboard, you’ll find these very efficient and fast. You can upgrade the wheels if you wish and it takes only a few minutes to do so. 

Easy to assemble and use

This longboard will arrive partially assembled. All you need to do is to install the trucks and wheels using the hardware that comes with your purchase. You don’t need special tools to install these as well. 

With a striking design

The best thing about this board is the striking Lion God Rasta design. The longboard is black but the lion design has a colorful rasta design. Meanwhile, the underside is pure black except for the narrow red, orange, yellow and green stripes that run in the middle of the board. 

Social Proof

Check out what people are saying about the Santa Cruz Longboard online:

Daniel seems very satisfied with his purchase as the Santa Cruz Longboard is fast and looks very beautiful. He’s one of the many customers who recommend this lovely longboard. 

Many buyers are experienced users and have had Santa Cruz’s skateboards before. Lacey agrees that it’s beautiful and is easy to use. 

Brandon is one of a few customers that were not completely satisfied with their purchase of this longboard. Based on his Santa Cruz Longboard review, he was not happy about the wheels as these did not last long.


There are some alternatives to the Santa Cruz Longboard:

  • APOLLO Longboard Skateboard – this is a cruiser longboard made from bamboo, maple, and fiberglass. This is a very strong board and runs very fast. It comes with a very useful T-Tool.
  • Magneto Longboard – this is another bamboo longboard that’s best for carving, cruising, and freestyling. It is a smooth and very stable longboard fitted with high-quality trucks.
  • Glider Longboard Skateboard – this board has very large 100-millimeter wheels. It is made from strong bamboo and has a strong maple core. 


The Santa Cruz Longboard is one of the toughest, fastest, and very durable longboards. It boasts a stunning design and has a flexible shape. The board may have some drawbacks like non-durable wheels and bubbling grip tapes but these have been overlooked because of its impressive features. Based on our Santa Cruz Longboard review, we recommend this longboard for beginners and freestylers. If you think that this longboard is for you, check this out from this link

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