Skateboarding is Not a Crime

Reasons Why Skateboarding is Not a Crime

Skateboarding is not a crime,” a statement usually posted on t-shirts, stickers, and even on the skateboards itself. Yet, there are still many cities that have strict restrictions when it comes to skateboarding. In fact, many skateboarders ended up called by authorities after doing some tricks and stunts. 

Skateboarding is a type of sport and art and also a way of life for some. Unlike other types of sports, skateboarding gives skaters a lot of freedom, which is why it became a way of self-expression. However, why does skateboarding is considered a crime for some? 

In this post, reasons will be presented on why skateboarding is not a crime. In this way, as a skater, you will be able to take a stand among this league and prove that this sport is not just about being extreme but is also about showing one’s self in the community. 

Why Skating is Not a Crime? 

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1) Skating is not a crime; it is a lifeline

Instead of considering skating as a crime, why not check the positive benefits it can give to many lives and society as well? For some, skating is a lifeline. In fact, there are many foundations created through school programs and camps that used skating as a form of recreation for many students and might as well, the out of school youth.

Harold Hunter Foundation is a New York-based non-profit organization that uses skateboarding in transforming many lives, especially to the youth. Skateboarding gave them a chance not just to develop the skills within them but also the right attitude necessary for growth and development. 

2) Skateboarding is a sport

A lot of people (especially those who don’t skate) might be asking if skating is a sport. While this question remained unanswered for some, one of the biggest reasons why skating is not a crime is because it is a sport. 

Unlike conventional sports like basketball or soccer, skateboarding has no definite rules. However, aside from its physicality, the fact that it has been part of many events and leagues worldwide, many considered skating as a sport. Way back August 3, 2016, it was announced that skateboarding would be part of the 2020 Olympic. 

3) Skateboarding is a form of art 

What makes skateboarding an interesting sport is that its other side is an art. In short, skating is a combination of sport and art, which is quite interesting. Many skateboarders make videos of themselves performing and showing their styles and great moves. Others compiled the performances of the greatest skateboarders today, which became a source of entertainment, inspiration, and even a way of life of many, not just for skateboarders. 

As skating gives you the freedom to do the trick in your own way and your style, your artistic side will always be measured with skateboarding. When talking about the best skateboarders in the world, it’s not actually Tony Hawks or Rodney Mullen; instead, they are the most famous skateboarders in the world. 

4) Skateboarding has many health benefits 

The agility needed in skateboarding, the sharpness of thinking it requires, and the right attitude it always implores are only a few of the many reasons why skateboarding is not a crime but rather, an excellent choice to stay healthy. 

This sport is compared to a whole body work out, which can burn your stored fats and calories. Other than that, the coordination it requires helps every skateboarder to become flexible and well-coordinated. 

The health benefits of skateboarding are not just limited to physical aspects but also mental, emotional, and even social aspects. 

5) It is not written in the law as a form of crime 

Though not all countries of the world embrace skateboarding, most nations use this as a sport or as a form of recreation. There is no existing law stating that skateboarding is a crime, but breaking glasses or windows, destroying benches or other public and private-owned equipment is considered a crime. This scenario became the triggering factor, while authorities are sometimes chasing after the skateboarders. 


No doubts that skateboarding is not a crime. It has many benefits and positive outcomes that help a lot of people. Thus, building public skate parks and ramps in many places is advised. In this way, reckless skateboarding that sometimes damages many properties will be avoided.

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