Quest Longboard Review

Quest Longboard Review – An Updated Analysis (2021)

Quest had made its mark in the longboarding industry. Even today, one of the primary choices of brands people seek is Quest. The brand stays true to its pursuit of making excellent quality yet affordable longboards in the market. Thus, it continues to attract more longboarding enthusiasts. This Quest Longboard Review aims to provide you the best longboard options. 


The Quest Longboard has dominated the market. It is not a surprise. Not only does the company boast the high-performing longboard, but the reviews from different market websites highlight the great experience with Quest longboards. It makes them one of the most competitive in the market. 

One of Quest’s best products is The Super Cruiser. This longboard has it all: premium quality, sleek style, and excellent performance. The longboard will give you the ride of your lifetime and is probably one of Quest’s best offers to the longboard market. 

Special Features 

  • The longboard deck is of both high-quality bamboo and hardwood maple. 
  • Visually appealing, with a classic design that compliments every rider.
  • The longboard gets equipped with high-performing components and admirable features. 

Quest aims to provide affordable longboards for all types of riders. Even with the low-cost price, Quest does not hold back when it comes to their arrays of different longboard models, as well as their creative designs. Whether you want a simple to the most colorful, Quest will always have something for you. 

Quest’s ‘The Super Cruiser’ is a crowd-pleaser, not only with its look but with its performance as well. Learn here the different pros and cons this product has to see if they fit your preference. 


  • It is from the top and long-lasting materials
  • It has an expanse of 9.5 inches. 
  • The longboard height is 44 inches. 
  • It incorporated high-performing trucks and enduring wheels.  
  • The classic pattern deserves the hype. 


  • It has complaints about the bearings. 
  • It as complaints on too tight wheels and the speed. 

Options to Consider Before Buying a Quest Longboard

Before you buy a quest longboard, here are the essential parts to check: 

What deck material do you prefer? 

A longboard is from a vast array of materials. The most popular ones these days include fiberglass, bamboo, and maple wood. They can withstand the amount of weight of the rider as well as the hit of the ride. 

There are different numbers of ply used. Most longboard decks have multi-ply. It could go as many as 9-ply. Check the deck features to know the quality of the longboard you are getting.  Beginners usually go for either bamboo longboard or maple. 

What is your riding style? 

There are two options when it comes to choosing the best longboard according to the ride you prefer. Generally, a beginner should choose to cruise for a stable and easy to control longboard. Downhill longboard works well with experienced riders since they can be fleeting and harder to control. 

What Important Parts of a Longboard Should you Check? 

Other parts of the longboard include the wheel and bearing. Some do not care much about the quality of wheels and bearing the longboards have. It is because you can easily replace them if you want to. However, save more time and effort. Choose the longboard with an excellent pair of wheels and bearings. 

Features and Benefits of Quest Long Board

Quest longboard review often highlights not only the affordable price or the designs. With its first-rate board structure, durability, and stability, the brand continues to attract the market. Here are the reasons why: 

Quest Innovation 

Today, Quest is on the move to design new and high-quality boards. Their improved longboards piqued the curiosity of many. Many are excited about the brand-new models and designs they offer. Thus, we can expect a glorious innovation on the longboards. 

Quest Designs

No one can deny the artistic revolution of Quest’s board designs. They offer simple designs that are user-friendly and timeless. You can choose from classic, sleek, loud, and neon designs. 

Quest made it possible to get a beautiful and high-quality longboard. 

Quest Deck 

Quest longboards have multi-ply deck designs, which is the main reason why their longboards are durable. Not only are the decks long-lasting, but they are flexible. For instance, the Quest Totem Longboard consists of 7-ply. It is from both bamboo and maple wood. Thus, expect a smooth sailing ride with its durable deck. 

Quest Wheels

Another great deal from Quest longboards is the wheels. Known to be strong and durable, they have a high resistance to harsh impacts. These wheels last for as long as you take care of them. Made with premium polyurethane, you get an excellent grip and supportive wheels that will not break your ride. 

Whether you are riding on hard rocks, wet pavements, and sharp terrain, the Quest wheels remain unbothered and powerful. 

Quest Riding Styles

For whatever riding styles you prefer, Quest has options to offer for you. From various designs to different longboard structures, they have the most prolific options. You could try longboard cruising or freeriding, and Quest has a line of options you can check.  

Social Proof 

Riders love to give the brand Quest a longboard review. Longboards and other products alike get a distinguished rating of 4.5 stars from one of the biggest online stores. Here are a few screenshots of the reviews online for Quest’s ‘The Super Cruiser’: 

Tommy recommends this Quest longboard for its great board that is tough and durable. He claims this board can cruise around any area. He recommends getting this board instead of going to the gym. 

Jeremy is in awe of the excellent Quest board due to its size and durability. Packed well and is in prime condition, the Quest longboard has remained sturdy and has given him quality rides. 

Bonnie says ‘The Super Cruiser’ gives high-performing rides since day one. Even with the negative reviews, the longboard remains undefeated and durable. Bonnie claims it is one of his best online purchases. 


Quest stay true to their claims. They offer affordable longboards to everyone and let them experience quality rides. If you want to get the same riding experience as the expensive longboards offer without spending too much, it is worth a try to check out the different longboards the brand Quest has to offer. The Quest longboard review helps you decide and pick the best Quest longboard you prefer.  

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