Pintails vs Drop-Through

Pintails vs Drop-Through: Which Longboard to Pick

In recent years, longboard has become popular, and longboarding became a hype, especially to teenagers. You may ask, what is longboarding? It is considered as an art, a hobby or a sport of riding a longboard which measures from 28″ to 80″.

A brief history tells us that longboarding had its roots with surfing when surfers tried to create surfboards that can cruise on land, that is why longboards look like or resemble surfboards. As its popularity increased, several kinds of longboards have emerged, and among these kinds are the Pintail and Drop-Though longboards.

If you are picking up your first longboard, it is important to know as a novice or skilled rider which longboard should you get. 

What are Pintail Longboards?

Pintail longboards have the classic and unique surfboard-inspired look with a pointy “pin” tail, where it obviously got the name and a wider nose that resembles a surfboard. Pintails are versatile longboards that will allow you to experience a comfortable ride for relaxed cruising along bike trails or boardwalks.

What are Drop-Through Longboards?

Drop-Through longboards look like a regular skateboard, but it has a cutout in its deck. The cutout allows you to fit the trucks well on the board. Drop-through longboards are best for freerides and speedy cruising.

Pintails vs Drop-Through Longboards

So what’s the difference between pintail and drop-through? Here’s what you need to know.

  • The biggest difference between pintail and drop-through is that pintail decks are mounted on top of the truck, making it significantly higher off the ground while drop-through has their truck-mounted through their deck, which makes them lower. 
  • With pintails, your foot will rest on top of the front truck resulting in greater leverage while on a drop-through, the trucks are mounted across what we call as “wingtips,” so the feet step rests in between the trucks. 
  • Pintails have a mellow concave for grip while drop-throughs have more concave for tight grip or locked-in feel when riding at a faster speed.
  • Pintail longboards have flexier decks for smooth cruising while drop-troughs’ decks are relatively stiff as they are designed for speed.
  • Pintail longboards are perfect for riding or cruising under the speed of 25mph or below. This longboard is great for surf style cruising because they are top-mounted; they will allow you to carve deeply. Pintail longboards are great for relaxed cruising commuting, and they are equipped with wheels that can smoothen out bumps, cracks, and pebbles.
  • On the other hand, if you want speed, then drop-through is the best choice for you. Drop-through longboards are best for freeride slides and going downhill. Since drop-throughs are low, it allows smooth transition of slide initiation. It can accommodate speed because this longboard has a lower center of stability that also makes it very stable.

In conclusion, both pintail and drop-through are great longboards. Now to answer the question which among the two should you get, the answer is it depends. It depends on what kind of riding or cruising you want to do. 

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