Penny Board vs. Skateboard

Penny Board vs. Skateboard: What Ride Suits You Best

Skateboarding is probably one of the most extreme sports many would love to try. If you love skateboarding yet do not have an idea on how to do it, the first thing you must do is to have a skateboard with you. 

At this point, you might already hear about the comparison made with penny board and skateboard. If you do not know about the comparison of these two, then here’s what you must know. 

Everything about Skateboards

Skateboard is the equipment used with the sport skateboarding. It is a designed wood usually made from maple wood and polyurethane coating. These materials make skateboard easily to slide and also offers durability. 

Most skateboards today were constructed with plies of wood. It has trucks, deck, and wheel in which the deck depends on a certain part of the skateboard where you can stand on. 

Commonly, most skateboards today consist of upturned nose and tail with a concave deck. This type of skateboard gives you the chance to have full control of your board when you use some tricks and stunts. 

What is a penny board? 

Many starters are curious about penny boards. So, what is the penny board, and what makes it different from skateboard? 

Penny board is just a type of skateboard known and used by many skate lovers. This board type is generally lightweight since it is made up of plastic. It is a known short-cruiser in the skateboarding world and a famous choice among teens and adults because of its various designs. 

Despite the lightness of penny boards, rest assured they are safe to use, and they are strong boards. Deck sizes come in 22, 27, and 36 inches. You can buy penny boards in which parts are already assembled, or if you are already a pro, you can buy each part and assemble it on your own. 

The Comparison

While you are still wondering what to choose, here is a brief comparison between the penny board and skateboard. 

Penny boards are generally convenient because of its small size. Its portability is an advantage to many. It also comes in various designs that you can choose. When it comes to durability, the penny board is something you can trust. 

As it has advantages, the penny board’s major disadvantage is how limited its purpose is. More than that, it is also challenging to ride, which makes it a bit difficult for beginners. 

On the other hand, the skateboard has been chosen by many because aside from being less expensive, a skateboard is not difficult to carry around too. Suitable for beginners because it is easy to learn, and most of all, skateboards can handle tricks that most skate lovers like. 

However, when it comes to its weight, skateboards are heavier compares to penny boards. With constant use, you should not get surprised to see your shoe torn as skateboards would cause such. 


When it comes to the best choice for riding, skateboard, and penny board both deserve your attention. Preference, as well as purpose, will help you determine which is to choose. 

If you opt for commute, the penny board is a suitable one. Its portability makes it more convenient for commuting. Yet, if you want to add tricks and stunts, a skateboard is for you. As skateboards will give you extreme and exhilarating experience, it should be your choice to show off your skills and ability.

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