Penny Board vs Longboard

Penny Board vs Longboard: Which is Best For You?

There are numerous options in the skateboarding world, and it might be confusing for some people. You will be in this circumstance when you’re a beginner, and you’re trying to get the right board for yourself.

A regular skateboard will make you do tricks. But if you want to use a board for going around some places, you need to get a longboard or a penny board.

There are two of them, so you’re curious which one suits you. This article will show you what’s the deal with these two boards, and then you can decide what you would get for yourself.

What’s in Penny Board and Longboard?

Penny Board

Penny board is a small kind of board that is structured for mobility. The body is usually made of plastic, so expect plastic wheels. But its trucks are metal.

Penny boards are still strong and durable; even most parts are made of plastic. Manufacturers use a unique kind of plastic to withstand the effects of frequent use.

They’re incredibly light, and they weigh around 4 pounds. So, you can carry it around without any hassle. 

There are many kinds of designs that you can choose from. The advantage of plastic is that you can apply any colors. It’s not easy to feature in other kinds of boards.

You can search for the design and color that you like without spending too much on customization. 

The Purpose of the Penny Board

Why would you want a small and light board? There’s always a purpose behind it. 

Having a penny board is enabling you to move along a certain point to another. It has the body to make you move around and commute easily.

It functions well when you’re going along tight spots or in a crowded city. The size of the penny board makes it easier for you to evade obstacles.

Since it’s lightweight, you won’t be burdened with carrying it around. You can put it inside your bag and carry whenever you go to school, subway or store with no trouble at all.

Penny boards are durable, so you don’t have to worry if you carry it around you all the time. It is made of materials that can withstand chipping and scratching. 

The thing that you have to tackle when riding this board is the size of your feet. You may think it can’t accommodate your size, but once you ride it often, you won’t find it an issue anymore. Experienced riders are able to find the right way on how to stand on it.

Manufacturers have designed a bit bigger penny board that is still made of plastic but with nickel boards. They have arranged this creation to minimize foot issues, but the board still lies. 

Another downside you can encounter when riding a penny board is losing stability when you go fast. When there’s a number of hills along your way, it means you have to walk it down, or you can slow it down using your foot.

It may frustrate some riders. Beginners may not know when to slow down or lose control.

Unfortunately, you can crash if you go so fast and lose stability.


It’s the opposite of the penny board, as it is obvious on their names. It’s longer than the usual one. It bears larger wheels too.

All these parts are for maintaining stability at high speed so you can have a smooth ride. They are commonly made of wood, and they come in various styles. 

So some styles are made to meet the needs of experienced users. Some are built for beginners to be familiar with the board and improve their skills. 

Pros in Using a Longboard

The money you spent on buying a longboard is worth it when you can go fast and swiftly on it. Therefore, you go smoothly on hilly rides without the tendency to whip out.

Longboards are designed for riders to conquer downhill rides well. There will be no issue with this kind of surface. 

You will find an extra space equivalent to a foot to give you a comfortable and enjoyable ride. They’re also durable, so it can be with you for a long time if appearance doesn’t really matter to you. It would remain to be in the same performance. 

It can obtain scratches, and there will pain on the bottom due to wearing out of frequent use. So if you think looks have a great deal, you may be dismayed after using it several times.

It is bigger, so it’s heavier than the penny board. Carrying this board a lot would make you feel tired. It is pretty hard to manage, especially if you do it for a while.

You will also find it hard to navigate in a limited space. It can be with you on a long-distance ride, and you go around with no limitation. But once you’re in a city with tight areas, it can be cumbersome.

If you don’t have a huge backpack, you have to carry it around. It might not be convenient for you. Though you have a bag, it might be hanging out from it. 

Final Thoughts

This article clearly shows the function and downside of penny board and longboards. So you can easily decide which one is suitable for you.

Penny board is great at normal commuting without any encounters of hilly places. It’s great if you live in a crowded, urban area.

You don’t need to do tricks with the penny board. It is only to help you to get around with ease.

If you intend to do more off-road cruising, a longboard is perfect for you. It means it can carry you around the hilly environment and places that are not too city-like. It’s fantastic for long rides due to the stability it embeds at high speed and the extra room for a foot.

You can customize your rides when you have a longboard which you cannot do with penny board. You can learn tricks, and it will improve your skills as a rider.

You shouldn’t forget about comfort. It’s something very important when you buy something not only with any kind of board. 

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