Must-Have Safety Gears Before Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a very thrilling and exciting sport. Just like any other sports, there are accidents and injuries that aren’t preventable. However, you can minimize the severity of injuries by equipping yourself with safety gear. As their name would suggest, safety gears are your go-to option whenever you want to avoid getting into crashes or injuries.

Skateboarding has risks and accidents you should avoid. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of having safety gear and must-have safety gear before going for a spin.

Why is it Important for Us to Wear Safety Gear?

As we all know, skateboarding is an extreme sport. Your safety should be your top priority when doing this sport. Before we take a deeper dive on safety gears, it is important to why they are important

  • By wearing safety gear, you minimize the change of getting severe injuries. Whether where you are, skate park, streets, roads, or just practicing your tricks at home, it is essential you always wear your protective gear
  • When you see someone gets injured by riding their skateboards, you feel the need of wearing one
  • Never think that you are good enough not to wear protection when skateboarding. Even professionals get into accidents and injuries. The overconfidence you have may pose a great risk with injuries and accidents. Whether you are professional or beginners, one should wear protection at all costs.

So for our dear skaters, you should put emphasis on wearing protective equipment at all costs.

Important Safety Gears Before Skateboarding

Now we go to our main topic, the must-haves before going for a ride.


As we all know, helmets are an essential part of every protective gear. A core part of a human body is the brain, and protecting the head from serious injuries is your main priority when skating. There are many people who were disabled because of serious head injury. To save you from any serious head injuries, helmets are a good investment to have! A good helmet should have:

  • A protective cushioning that protects the entire head.
  • Helmets should cover the entire head.
  • Avoid using loosely fitter helmets; it should fit snuggly.
  • For skaters who love downhill riding, full-face helmets are a must.

Elbow Pads and Knee Pads

When you slip or slide from your skateboard, skaters tend to escape injuries because they extend their elbows and knees. So, the knees and elbows mostly take the brunt of the force. These parts of the body are more prone to injuries, especially in extreme sports.

So, ideally, it is essential to put the protective gear in these areas. Securing yourself with knee pads and elbow pads are a great way to minimize the injury they may incur.

Slide Gloves

Extreme sports like longboarding and skateboarding needs to put your hand onto the concrete for maneuvering, tricks, or stop. If you don’t wear gloves before taking a ride, you might bruise or cut your hand. Slide gloves are different from normal gloves; they are specially made for sliding.

Also, there is additional protection.

Those above-mentioned gears are a must-have. However, there is some protective gear that can maximize your overall protection

  • Shin guards- as the name says, they are protective gear for your shin. They will secure your shin from injuries during skating
  • Wrist guards- they are cheap alternatives for gloves, they protect the tendons of the wrist when you fall from the board and involuntarily used your wrist to save you from the fall.
  • Upper body armor- lessens the severity of bumps and bruises you may incur in your chest during high-speed cruising.  

Wrapping Up

The journey of your skateboard life is full of thrill and excitement if you don’t encounter accidents and injuries. So, it is always great to put emphasis on your overall wellness and safety. Besides, protective gears are a great investment, especially in extreme sports. Always look upon your safety rather than just entertaining yourself. Be careful in anything, and you can do this with the help of safety gear. 

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