Most Sought-After Electric Skateboard Deck Designs in the Market

10 Most Sought-After Electric Skateboard Deck Designs in the Market

When it comes to skateboard customization, a lot of things have been done in the industry. In this review, you can browse through the 10 most sought-after electric skateboard deck designs currently out there in the market. Since the deck of your board is considered as the main area where the weight of your body rests, it needs to compliment your riding skills well.

1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

This skateboard is the perfect option for serious skateboarders out there. The deck has been designed with quality in mind. As such, regardless of how much you use it, this skateboard is made to deal with the grind, as well as wear and tear. Learning how to use or ride it is not a problem as well.

Powell Golden also used maple veneers with intense screen-printed graphics, along with AirLam Press, often considered as the best out there. It is also manufactured using carbon steel axles and kingpin, with embossed PGD logo and aluminum trucks. It also features a strong grip, made possible by its concave K-12, and super high rebound polyurethane wheels for smooth rolling and gripping.

2. Birdhouse Skateboards Walker Monkey Deck

The birdhouse is a brand that is known to offer high quality skateboard products, being a company known for its cool graphics and solid construction. This specific board is constructed using durable maple wood, along with some other fine materials.

Whether you are planning to use this skateboard for street skating, pool or park, this board is ideal for you. It features an 8.25” deck which is designed to last longer while allowing you to perform awesome tricks. The decks also directly from its distributor, which means that there is no likelihood that you can get one from a third party.

Even though it uses a W-concave, and does not come with enough width, it is still a recommended option among many skateboarders. While it does not offer enough width, it provides more balance and support while riding.


3. Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic

Bamboo is another company that is known for its high quality standard in all of the decks that they produce. As suggested by its name, this skateboard is the first one to use maple and bamboo in its construction. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional skater who just wants to try a new deck, this Green Fish graphic skateboard is ideal for you.

One look at the board and you can already see that it is a product that offers value. It features a nose with a regular U shape, an odd shape, and a short tail. The concave for this deck is made deeper, thus offering amazing control while riding. It is also capable of taking hard turns or perform unique tricks.

Even though this skateboard is designed primarily as a professional rider’s deck, beginners can also use it with no problem at all. There is an option to choose from the three available sizes. All in all, this deck is durable, flexible and nice, which helps in improving the overall riding experience.

4. Element Section Black 7.75

Element focuses on creating its decks using cutting-edge technology, along with top-notch materials, thus ensuring real functionality and maximum durability. Even though it is designed as a modern deck, it still shows off some traditional construction, which is a secret to its longevity and durability.

This skateboard uses 7-ply maple wood veneers which are designed to bear the harshness of any type of terrain and environment while making heads of people turn with its stylish graphics. While this board appears stiffer and thicker, it is light and easy to carry along subways.

With a size of 7.75” (width), and 31.25” (length), it is recommended for all skaters, most especially for beginners. You also get a free Mob grip tape sheet and a choice on a graphic grip.

5. Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White

This skateboard is designed for a ride and roll and is constructed using a 7-ply maple wood veneer press. It features the classic logo of Baker on the board and feels grippy as you stand on it. With an 8” width and 32” length, it is ideal for all skill-level board riders.

This deck skateboard is an amazing gift option for a friend or a loved one. One thing great about this deck is that it has been designed as a fool-proof skateboard which can withstand wear and tear.

Regardless of the type of terrain that you are riding with this deck, there is no need to worry that this board will break or get a scratch. All in all, this deck can help you enhance your performance while offering a better grip.

6. Enjoi Spectrum Black 8.0″ Resin 7

The Enjoi Spectrum deck is famous because of its neon graphics. The deck features an 8” width, and 31.7” length, providing more stability and grip as you ride. This board is also ideal for all skill level. Regardless of your level, this deck can allow you to enjoy the ride.

It also features pre-drilled holes, making truck assembly easy and straightforward. As a bonus, it is also versatile, as it can be used for skating on the streets, ramps, pools, verts, and parks. Its durable construction is ready to deal with all types of terrains without worrying about a scratch.

7. Real Skateboards Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro II

The Torgeson is a longboard, with a measurement of 8.38” (width) and 32.56” (length). It comes with stylish graphics which look amazing when riding. Because it is a wider and longboard, it is ideal for all skill levels.

This deck comes with pre-drill holes for easier truck assembly, as well as a Jessup grip tape that comes with your purchase. The graphics of the deck may also be customized according to your choice.

Even though this deck can turn out to be expensive compared to others, but it is worth all your money, as it is designed to last longer.

8. Moose Set of 5 Blank

This deck provides an instant grippy feel which helps in providing better balance and stability on the streets. It is made out of 7-ply Canadian maple wood. It also features a radical U-concave which provides more stability, regardless of the speed in skating.

If you consider yourself as a beginner, this deck is no doubt one of the best options for you in the market. It is also ideal for all skill levels and age groups. As a bonus, it is also very affordable, particularly for those who have a tight budget.

9. Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic

The bamboo used in this skateboard is very light and solid at the same time. It features a total of six layers of bamboo, all pressed together in order to create the base. The seventh layer, on the other hand, is constructed using maple wood, allowing it to be molded easily.

It also features a deep concave shape which provides increased control, regardless of your speed while riding this board. All in all, this skateboard deck is created to sustain in any type of environment or terrain without any wear and tear.

10. Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard

If you are interested in a tech-inspired design, this is the electric skateboard for you. The deck highlights a Popsicle shape and a k20 concave that looks smooth and nice. Even though this deck is thinner, it is also lighter and durable, as it is constructed out of 7-ply maple wood.

Another thing that is amazing about this skateboard is that after riding it for about one or two hours, you feel confident in performing awesome tricks that a standard 7-ply deck usually won’t allow.

This deck is designed to enhance your skateboarding skills, not limiting them. A perfect landing is what you can expect each time. Both the nose and tail are angled at 18 degrees, giving it a nice pop, with cool neon graphics, and a shiny black background layer that gives an attractive reflection of the artwork.


The skateboard deck design options presented above are just some of the available choices out there. It is up to you to choose one right now, picking one that will best represent your needs and personal preferences.

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