Most Dangerous Skateboarding Tricks

10 Most Dangerous Skateboarding Tricks

Skateboarding is a fun way to spend your free time, but performing some tricks can be quite risky. Basically, that’s why most people try skateboarding anyway because they love that adrenaline rush that this sport comes with. The danger is something that is always connected with skateboarding. So, if you are a skateboarder that wants to be remembered forever, you would surely try to do something epic and crazy. The stakes are so high: it’s having a place in the history of the sport and athleticism in general.

Most performers risked their lives for this legendary moment of glory, so let’s give them that. Here are the most dangerous skateboarding tricks of all time.

Ollie into Traffic

This trick is popularized by one of the biggest adrenaline junkies in skateboard history, Ricky Oyola. What is an Ollie? It is a trick where the rider and the board leap into the air without the skater using their hands. It is the combination of popping your foot on the board’s tailbone, sliding your foot to jump into the board, and jumping into the board within seconds.

How did Ricky do it? He did the trick while flying through traffic. This made is so much more risky, as he won’t really know what’s going to happen. One wrong move and he could have gotten hit by a car and straight to the hospital. Because of this trick, Ricky Oyola surely earned his spot on this list.

Nollie Flip

Only for advanced skateboarders, the Nollie flip is a technique that combines the Nollie and the Heelflip. The term Nollie is a combined Nose Ollie, which basically means that you do an Ollie off the nose of your board.

At first, it feels a bit weird and strange, but you can get used to it. How does one do it? Start with riding your board in a normal stance but pop off the nose of your board with your front foot. Place your feet so that you will find comfortable riding and standing and so you will be able to make the Kick or Heelflip motion.

Next, bend down, pop the nose, and jump while doing a Nollie. Then immediately, flip your board to do the Heelflip at the same time. Finally, let the board spin, catch it over, land, and roll away.

The 360 Flip

The 360 Flip, also known as a Tre Flip or a 3 Flip, is a skateboarding trick invented by Rodney Mullen. This trick is done by a combination of a backside 360 pop shove-it and a kickflip. It has become a standard street trick done by expert performing skateboarders. How is it done? The skateboarder kicks the board to initiate a kickflip, spins the board in a backside 360 shove-it. Though Mullen first did it in 1983, people also credit Jason Lee for popularizing it in 1994.

FS BluntSlide

The FrontSide BluntSlide looks like a Tailslide, but the main difference is your wheels are on top of the ledge while sliding. This is probably one of the heaviest slides, which is why enthusiasts call it the king of all slides. Since the FS Bluntslide is a little unusual, it is advised that you first master Ollies into the Blunt Stall first.

NollieFlip NoseSlide

The Nollie Flip Nose Slide is not really one single trip but a smooth combination of two basic ones. How to do this? Approach the ledge that is behind you almost parallel to it. Put your front foot in the middle of the nose and your back foot a bit slanted near the bolts of your back truck with your heels hanging off a bit in the nollie flip position. Pop your board high enough while flipping, so the nose makes it above the ledge. Then, turn into the Noseslide. When your board has done the Kickflip rotation, and the nose is above the ledge press it down with your front leg and shifts all your weight onto your front leg. In the end, you push your board with the nose back into a straight rolling position and ride away.

Blunt Fakie

The Blunt Fakie is very similar to the Rock Fakie, you should go straight up towards a coping onto your tail on up, and then pop it back up. It is a skateboarding trick for mini pipe where your skateboard goes all the way up to the coping, resting for a short time on your backtracks, then Ollie and land back on the coping with your front truck above. Lastly, roll back down in a fakie stance.

Crooked Grind

The Crooked Grind is a useful advanced trick because you can lock into the grind and sit in it once you have mastered the technique. The method can be done frontside, backside, fakie, or switch depending on your preference. It is also one of the most versatile grinding tricks out there, so mastering it would be really worth your time. The Crooked Grind is also called Crooks, Pointer Grind, or the K Grind. Basically, it is a front truck grind where the nose touches and the front truck is pushed all the way crooked with all of the weight on the hanger right by the wheel. The board is posed crooked, while the truck looks crooked.

Rock to Fakie

With this technique, the front truck is placed over the lip of the ramp. Also, the board is slightly rocked before coming down to a fakie. Before doing this, you should know about the drop in, pumping, fakie, tail, and the manual. This trick might look a little flat, but a lot is going on. You will be letting your wheels roll over the top of the coping, then, stalling there. Pull this trick off by allowing the top wheels to drag along the ramp and then roll off the coping and back in.

Body Varial Hippy Jump

Basically, this means jumping up and off then back onto the board while rolling. You can go over an obstacle and let your board run under it. When you jump, turn 180 then land on the board. Jump to a switch stance, then, rise back again. This helps you at adjusting your balance and landing tricks. Hippy jumps are suitable for playing around and making dorky jokes with friends. They really improve your balance and balance control. This will be helpful as you start trying more and more tricks.

The 360 Shuvit

Known as a favorite of many skateboard enthusiasts, the 360 Shuvit is a combination of the Shuvit and the 360 Flip. It originated from the freestyle skateboarding in the early ’80s. Back then, your board stayed on the ground throughout its rotation, but in the current version, the board is popped off the ground.

The technique uses a similar scooping style to the 360 flips, but as you don’t want the board to flip over, you need to adjust your foot placement and have your back foot squarely in the middle of the tail, rather than hanging off the edge. This is an amusing trick to do and pretty easy once you’ve mastered the scooping technique as your back foot does most of the work.

Final Conclusion

Skateboarding is definitely a cool and exciting activity for any active person to do. Tricks are always high risk and hard to do, but if you are practicing skateboarding safely and use protective equipment, there is no need to worry. The best way to be sure about skateboarding safety is to do things appropriate for your skill level and slowly work your way up. This way, you avoid injuries while enjoying the things you like to do.


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