Longboard VS Skateboard – A Comparison

It can be relatively baffling for many people to differentiate longboard vs skateboard since these two are related. Longboards are a disparity of traditional skateboards. Skateboards have actually different classes, and the longboard is one of them.

Although both sports undertakings appear to be comparable seemingly however there is certainly distinct uniqueness between these two. Their alikeness and differences are somehow contentious and have been the main discussion of many sports fanatic.

A lot of arguments were made as to which is more fun to be used. Practically speaking, this argument cannot be addressed with just one simple answer. After all, personal preferences and style will always play an important role.

Nonetheless, it is fairly important to understand how skateboards were brought in the market. Originally, skateboards were created to surf over the low and even waves to get some excitement. As time passed, surfers saw the usefulness of modifying it into longboard through incorporating bulky waves and creating a longer deck.

After that modification, the ultimate fun was realized! Longboards began to improve its appearance by acquiring various styles and shapes, and the surfers started to embrace what they can show off with poise and refinement.

Origin of Skateboards and Longboards

Skateboarding began in the 1950s. A group of surfing people opted to create something that would maximize the flat days, and they built the first creation of skateboards by installing wheels in the wooden boards.

Obviously, the original skateboards are ultimately different from the skateboards of today. However, throughout the years, skateboards were developed into the designs and shapes that we are familiar now. Later on, longboarding came in and it turned famous in the latter decades.

Skateboards have never persuaded to completely recreate the riding sensation, but that is being justified by their design which was far distant from the actual surfboard.

In the 1990s, the culture of longboarding blasted in the scene. This was the period when snowboarders and sea-surfers worked together to acquire an actual feeling of surfing n land. These group of people began installing roller-skate wheels in their boards and gradually began forming the longboards as we recognize them today.

The concept was to retain the first shape of the board and incorporate flexibility, soft wheels to remake the sensation of riding through waves.

During the same period, the benefits of modifying the technology of trucks were seen. Boards turned more solid and stable because of the reverse kingpins. And although the longest longboards were a lot shorter than the real surfboards, they still have a nearly similar design.

Longboards began starting more and more famous specifically because of their versatility in terms of size and shape and can be used in different terrains.

Differences of Longboard vs Skateboard

Size and Shape

Every sports fanatic who likes to pick either a longboard or skateboard should understand and learn about their size and shape. The most noticeable characteristic of skateboards is the arc shape in the two sides of the deck. These type of ascending arcs are ideal for a surfer who likes to execute kickflips.

On the other hand, the longboard has longer size compared to the traditional skateboards. Its length is around 130 cm. Different from skateboards, each side of longboards have two strips rather than arcs.

It would be good to note that a lot of surfers would go for skateboards rather than longboards because their weight is lighter and they are easily used too. Professional surfers use longboards of various styles because they want to seize the opportunity of getting surpassing experience. Again, personal preferences and style take a significant part.

Skate Wheels and Trucks

Skateboards and longboards have trucks installed in their bottom part, however, they are not the same. Skateboards have more solid trucks, which makes them ideal for grinds and influences the tricks to be done easier. Overall, the trucks in skateboards are narrower and utilize a conventional kingpin. They are available in various sizes but it is recommended that you choose the one with similar size as the utmost width of the deck.

The trucks of longboards are much flexible which add to the general adaptability of the boards. These trucks are the major reason why longboarding is convenient and smooth. Longboard has wider trucks. They possess reverse kingpin and the hangers are commonly 150mm or 180mm. Similar to skateboards, you should choose a truck based on the width of the longboard.

A deck that has a width of 9″ or more should use trucks that are 180mm. You may use 150mm trucks if the board is smaller.

The wheels used in skateboards and longboards have individual uniqueness which is regarded based on the various uses. Surfers who are inclined to doing tricks on curbs and benches will opt for skateboards because they are light in weight.

Even though longboards use soft type of wheels, their size is larger compared to the skateboards. The wheels of longboards are best to execute tricks on uneven grounds hence they are more fitted for daring exhibitions.
Aside from the various styles and shapes of skateboards and longboards, various riding venue also determines the choice of surfers. The exhibitions and tricks that they intend to execute as well as the riding venue should counterpart their choice of the board – skateboard or longboard.

Moving the Board

Skateboards and longboards both require an initial push by thrusting off the surface with one leg. Conventional skateboards are perfect for tight turns and ramps and they are light in weight which makes them great for flips and leaps. Nevertheless, similar features influence them to become inconvenient and less stable.
Longboards, on the other hand, are created for the purpose of transportation and riders can ride evenly on long distance on any even terrain. They are great for downhill and cross-country.

Tricks for Skateboards and Longboards

Whether you use a skateboard or longboard, you have to make sure that your chosen sports will support and fit on your desired tricks and activities. Here are some tricks executed on particular surfaces through riding skateboards and longboards:


Skateboards are commonly used for cruising as well as hauling grocery, it is not recommended to all type of surface. Knowing the fact that skateboards are characteristically lighter in weight, they need certain settings to keep stable hence they are not ideal for long rides. On the other hand, longboards are perfect for transportation including long rides. They have smart designs and their length is long guaranteeing an even ride on almost any type of surface.


Perhaps the most known trick and exhibition among skateboarding fanatics are balancing. And maybe this can give an explanation of why a lot of sports aficionados continue on executing balancing tricks to impress the crowd.
If you are one of the people who enjoy seeing the methods of effective balancing and you want to personally execute it too, then it is important that you understand the uniqueness of skateboard and longboard for their specific trick.

Traditional skateboards which have small length will need an expert level of balancing ability since they are characteristically less stable. On the other hand, longboards were designed with much ideal level and stability level for these specific tricks. In fact, even the neophytes can execute some great balancing tricks with the use of a longboard.

It grants you the flexibility of positioning your feet in a much wider length because its width is ideal for bigger size feet. Thus, if you are thinking about learning some balancing exhibitions and excite your friends, then it would be best if you go with longboards.


These grinding tricks are commonly difficult and delicate. It is much known among youngsters who like to engage in thrilling activities but often have themselves hurt during the process of execution. This is the explanation of why grinding stunts such as aerial, staircase riding, ollies, half-pipes, and flip ticks are prohibited in numerous districts.

But if still, you’d want to engage in grinding tricks, it would be best if you go for skateboards. Since skateboards have lighter weight and their size is smaller, it allows the surfer to execute difficult stunts such as grinding with much poise and refinement. Nevertheless, choosing longboards can be a poor decision for this particular stunt because of its shape and longer size which makes it critically complicated.


Pumping is a kind of riding technique which is ideal for people who do not like to touch the surface with their feet once in a while. Skateboarding needs foot contact with the surface to drive the rider. Longboard, on the other hand, does not need any foot contact with the surface in order to move. Its design and shape give the “push” for a fast ride.

It functions by switching back and forth your weight on the deck while you are on the ride. It increases speed without having the feet touch the ground. Hence, if you like to get a fast ride without getting off your feet from the board, then you should go for longboards.

Which is used easier?

There can be broad insights when it comes to which is easier used – skateboard or longboard? Basically, it will pertain to the preferences of the surfer and his personal structure. Overall, longboards are picked and seen convenient for undertakings such as riding on the long-distance at a higher speed. Moreover, longboards are also handy if you have to go downhill which needs heightened control and supervision of your board.

Skateboards are easily used in their own way. If you are thinking of riding on smooth and even surfaces and execute kickflips, then the use of skateboards is much doable. Riding on small curbs and over the benches are much appropriate with skateboards because they are heavier.

Therefore, skateboards and longboards have their own uniqueness which is detailed for a different level of efficiency.

Which is safer?

As long as your feet in on the board riding on an extent of surfaces, you cannot eliminate the possibility of getting yourself hurt. Knowing the fact that longboards are ideal for long-distance rides and also downhill runs, making use of them for the purpose of doing tricks specifically kickflips, ollies, and aerials can be risky. Understanding the designs of longboards, you will know that these boards are not meant for this kind of tricks.

Similarly, if you use skateboards to ride downhill or execute balancing tricks, then it will also be a risky mistake. Understanding the characteristics of skateboards, you must know that they are not designed to deliver balancing tricks or downhill riding.

Thus, the safety of using either the skateboard or longboard can be determined by incorporating the right selection of activity. You cannot assume that you are free from any danger while you are on your board if you are executing a stunt that is not ideally-matched for that specific board. Either any of them can be much effective and safe to use depending on your form and selection of skills.


The difference between longboard vs skateboard can be elaborated in numerous ways, although they also have some similarities. Each of them has their individual uniqueness which gives them both the advantages and downsides once used.

Skateboards are ideal for executing tricks while longboards are not ideal for executing any tricks because their weight is heavy and their size is large. The structure of the body, as well as the personal inclination, also convey the individual differences between these two boards.

Skateboarders and longboarders like to make their boards to fit their individual requirements. The builders of boards give personalized boards on appeal with a variation of materials. Hence, if you are able to determine what kind of board will fit you well, you may opt to build your choice of the board quickly.

Skateboards are bold, and longboards are ideal for transportation. Any of these boards are considered cool, however, the choice will rely on you. It will not be practical to show off your surfing skills if you are using the wrong kind of board, thus it is best to get assistance from an expert.

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