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How to Travel Long Distance With Your Longboard?

One of the most fascinating about longboarding is to travel in a long distance. A riding style that is very enjoyable, long-distance longboarding is one of the modern ways to explore nowadays. With its given adventure and challenge, one can be able to go across the city with the use of this tiny little piece. Yet, by doing this, it requires body resistance and discipline. Thus, the rider should be prepared enough before doing it in order to cope up with physical challenges and other difficulties.

For those skaters who have been in different places using a longboard, they can describe that the impression is very fulfilling. In this article, we will be talking about how to travel long distances with your longboard. One who wishes to do it should be able to know the underlying factors. 

What are the steps? 

Know the techniques

The first thing to consider is the technique. In planning to travel in a long distance using a longboard, one should have a solid understanding of the helpful techniques in order to surpass the journey. There are two known types. It is the long-distance pumping and long-distance pushing. 

In long-distance pumping, one should drive itself using a longboard by moving the body with the help of weight shifting either back and forth without the need to push it. It is a known technique in which the rider can travel miles away with the use of S-shaped body motion in managing the pace. 

While in long-distance pushing, the technique requires kicking and pushing until the rider finds a great frequency to effectively get along. However, as long-distance pushing requires great strength, in order to effectively use physical endurance, one should know how to do the normal pushing, switch pushing, and the mongo pushing. 

Prepare longboarding gears

Given that you already know the techniques to travel on a long-distance, preparing your longboarding gears is necessary. 

First of many to consider is a good board. A good board should be as low as possible in order to maintain stability. The board should also have a little concave in order to provide comfort to the foot in the long run. 

When it comes to the deck, you should prevent the less stiff decks as it is very uncomfortable for long-distance travel. With some flex, it can help you push even on an uphill surface. 

Another thing to consider is your trucks. Preferably, the trucks should be 180 mm with an angle of 50 degrees and a bigger wheel that is considerably 75 to 85 mm in scale.

Bring the essentials 

Lastly, you should not forget the things you need. Rather, pack your things as light as possible. A good bag pack can do the job with a bottle of water, pairs of socks, a shirt, and pants. You can also bring your tools with you and spare bushings, bearings, and nuts. 


While long-distance travel using a longboard is very exciting, it also comes with a challenge. However, in understanding the things before doing it, your journey can be as wonderful as you expect, given that you are aware of the techniques and is also prepared when it comes to your gears and essentials to bring. 

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