Landyachtz Longboard Review

Landyachtz Longboard Review for 2021 – A Detailed Analysis

Longboards are more than just skateboards at Landyachtz. This is a Landyachtz Longboard review to find out if this brand is indeed worth checking out or it’s just another pretty face. The Landyachtz longboard comes with an interesting profile, high-quality components and is made from the strongest and most durable materials. All longboards from this manufacturer come with very detailed artwork worthy of collecting.


The Landyachtz Longboard is made from very durable maple wood that won’t easily warp, crack or break even under severe pressure. This board comes with a 78A durometer 72mm wheels making it very fast and ready for any terrain. It comes with a drop-mounted rocker so it’s comfortable, stable, and perfect for carving. 

Specific Features

  • The drop-mounted profile makes it very stable and comfortable in any terrain.
  • With a very durable construction made from 7-ply maple wood.
  • This board is longer, wider, and has a stable wheelbase. 

Landyachtz is a company that’s known for its high-quality longboards, skateboards, cruisers, and skating accessories. The company was started by a group of skateboarding enthusiasts who want to improve the skateboarding experience for all types of skaters. Landyachtz also provides tutorials, videos, and posts about skateboarding, and thus, customers can enjoy a complete experience. 


  • This longboard is complete, ready to use when it arrives.
  • Comes with a comfortable, easy-to-use profile that improves your carving and stability. 
  • This is made from very durable, but flexible layers of maple wood.
  • It is very wide and long, perfect for beginners, cruising, and carving.


  • Complaints that the platform should be bigger.
  • The wheels may be of a different color than advertised. 

Things to consider before buying a Landyachtz Longboard 

Before you settle with a Landyachtz longboard, consider the following factors:

Determine your riding style?

People new to the sport should choose a carving or a cruising longboard. Meanwhile, a downhill longboard is a type of board that will let you move fast but will still help you take control. For experienced riders, a freestyle and freeride longboard is better than regular longboards. 

Choose from different longboard shapes.

There are two shapes to choose from: directional and twin or symmetrical longboards. Longboards with a directional shape are meant only for one direction movement. If you simply want to cruise or commute with your longboard then a directional board is for you. A twin longboard is best for riders who wish to ride freeride and freestyle. These longboards are asymmetrical and thus, they will look and move the same whether you’re moving forward or backward. 

How long is the longboard you need

Yes, longboards are longer than regular skateboards however, you also need to consider the wheelbase size. It’s needed for enhancing stability and for turning safely. If you want to go faster, like most longboard riders, you need a longer board with a stronger wheelbase. 

The type of longboard material

Veneer maple or birch sheets are the most common material. These are strong, reliable, and flexible. Some longboards are made from bamboo laminates which are also very strong and versatile. Other expensive longboards are made from lightweight and strong carbon fibers. 

Features and Benefits

Comes with a drop-mounted rocker

This longboard has a very comfortable drop-mounted rocker design that makes freeriding and carving faster and more efficient. Your feet will be more comfortable and you’ll be more stable as you move, turn and perform all kinds of tricks. 

With very durable wheel components

The longboard components are high-quality, built for tough performance and speed. The trucks are Gen 6 Bear Grizzly trucks 180mm at 50 degrees. The wheels are high-quality Plow Kings at 72mm 78A. The bearings are top-quality ABEC 7 bearings that are very durable, reliable, and safe. 

Made from very strong 7-ply maple

Maple is the material of choice by most high–quality, popular skateboard manufacturers. This longboard comes with a light flex which is important if you want to turn and move safely on different terrains. 

With a stunning design

The design looks gorgeous, simply worth collecting. Landyachtz calls this the Black Seeker design while the base is a simple black surface with the Landyachtz logo. The surface is remarkably rough and creates good contact with your footwear. 

Social Proof

Consider what online Landyachtz Longboard users are saying about this longboard:

Crystal loves the Landyachtz longboard and she notes how great it feels on the road. She also describes a “premium feel” when riding this board. 

Yeah yeah is another satisfied Landyachtz longboard user and said that it provides a smooth and near-perfect ride. 

There are no negative reviews for the Landyachtz Longboard. Jorge’s Landyachtz Longboard review says that he loves the board and was happy with his purchase. 


Take the following as great alternatives to the Landyachtz Longboard:

  • WHOME Longboards Skateboard – this is a 31-inch small longboard that’s great for carving and cruising. It is made from very durable aluminum and maple and is available in awesome designs. The WHOME Longboard comes with improved PU wheels for enhanced grip and PU bushing for improved speeds. 
  • BOCIN Freeride Longboard – this longboard has genuine aluminum trucks, fully adjustable with a versatile PU support padding. It also comes with a strong neck which allows it to handle up to 400 pounds of weight. The BOCIN longboard is very durable as it comes with ABEC – 9 bearings for a smoother and safer ride. 
  • Atom Drop Deck Longboard – this longboard has a 9-ply maple deck with a cool heat transfer design. The reverse kingpin trucks are very strong made from 7-inch aluminum with a 50-degree base. The Atom Drop Deck has improved 51 to 70 mm diameter 78a wheels for enhanced speeds and improved rebound. 


This Landyachtz Longboard has revealed the true reason why many riders love this longboard. The Landyachtz longboard is very durable, made from the best quality materials, is fast and ready to roll anywhere. This is also one of the loveliest longboards around with a collection-worthy design. There is hardly any negative review for this longboard and therefore, we recommend it to everyone who wants a high-quality skateboard for longboarding.

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