Is Skateboarding a Good Exercise

Is Skateboarding a Good Exercise?

Have you ever thought of other things aside from fun when you go skateboarding? When you do this sport, your whole body moves. 

For a second, you realize that having fun with the board is a good exercise. It affects your core and legs while you gain moderate to an intense cardiovascular workout.

It all depends on how you push yourself, but be careful as accidents may happen. There are many ways this sport can give way to exercise and health benefits. 

The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert to gain these benefits. You can have fun skating within your neighborhood while working out.

Fitness Benefits of Skateboarding Confirmed by an Expert

Skateboarding starts with pacing and progresses to the more explosive effort, so it’s no wonder it’s considered a rigorous cardio workout. A professor of exercise science named Michelle Olson, Ph.D. from Auburn University, compares it to spinning and jumping rope.

Olson started the following things.

There’s no need to do awesome tricks. Just pushing with the board around can accelerate the cardiovascular system. It can even burn an impressive 8 to 12 calories per minute. 

This sport also develops hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, and of course, abs. Your abs need to keep up with your back to have the right alignment for the spine.

It happens as the balance is essential in skateboarding.

Skateboarding as a Good Exercise

1) Flexibility

Skateboarding is a sport that offers a great way of exercising. It promotes the flexibility of your legs and body’s core. 

The body remains limber, and the ankle flexible when the skater is on the ramp or on the streets. As you gain progress in this sport, your flexibility also improves at the same time.

Feeling tense and amped up would only make skating hard for you. It’s best that you know how to relax and be flexible as it’s not only beneficial for this sport but with everyday life too.

2) Complete Body Workout

Some people may think that skateboarding only focuses on legs, but it’s a false assumption. You don’t only use your legs but as well as your hands and balance to get the right grip on the board.

You may notice that you also twist your body, so that’s getting something with your abs and other muscles. Due to various maneuvers, it affects the core of your body.

Therefore, skateboarding is a good exercise as it can move various muscles in your body.

3) Improvement of Physical Endurance 

Skateboarders, especially beginners, don’t only spend minutes on this sport. Many of them allocated an hour or more in practicing or enjoying the ride.

The more time spent on the board,  physical endurance also improves. It doesn’t mean you will get your toned abs or stronger core immediately, but it will help you with making yourself better in terms of physical aspects.

4) Learning Precision

Knowing how to move your body in a precise way helps in all aspects of your life. With skateboarding, you will learn precision in an enjoyable way.

Learning a new trick would require your repetition. So you have to make the same movement a couple of times.

There’s a need for adjustments to make things right. A skater must know that changing the timing, altering speed, and different positions of feet on the board would result in different kinds of landing.

5) Skateboarding has Something to do with Coordination 

Coordination this sport involves feet, legs, arms, and eyes. You will be doing exercises with great coordination.

Coordination works with precision not only with a skateboard but with many things that you need to handle in everyday life. These things would help you a lot with your other skills like driving, climbing and more. 

6) Helping you to Lose Weight

You may do exercise for the sake of losing weight. Skateboarding can be an exercise, so it will help you shed the extra weight.

Since it’s a cardio workout, it quickly burns calories. It would be based on the intensity of your skating.

Every person can expect burning 150 to 500 calories per hour.

7) Transferable Skills

It can be described as a full-fledged exercise as it offers transferable skills that are applicable to other activities. The things you’ve learned in skateboarding can also be used when you want to try other activities such as snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

8) Practice and Honing Patience

There’s always a possibility that the trick can go wrong as it wasn’t properly done. Doing this sport is like taking risks, but it still can be controlled, so things will be fine.

Skateboarding consumes a lot of time to master it. So one must have patience while practicing for the mastery of the sport.

So it’s also good for your intention to exercise as you need to be patient to see the results.

9) Helps with Overall Health

Due to being a way of working out, it works well with a person’s overall health. It can protect you from other health issues like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

It also increases the number of good cholesterol, and it lowers the triglyceride level. So it blocks the chances of having coronary heart diseases.

Skateboarding for All Ages

Many would think that skateboarding is a way of life among youngsters. But it can be for all ages, especially that it is considered a way of exercising.

Anyone can try it as long as you take it slow with caution. Accidents happen when someone pushes it harder.

There’s an array of different boards and styles. You can choose what’s best for you.


Skateboarding is a full-body exercise, and it can be done by everyone without exemptions. It’s a fun way to combine it with your workout regimen.

You can do it anywhere as you make your muscles stronger in different parts of the body like legs, arms, and core. You can add an hour of skateboarding on your schedule per week to lose weight.

So grab a board and whizzing along the street, or you may want to take it slow can help you with a healthier version of yourself. 

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