Importance of Proper Skateboard Storage

Importance of Proper Skateboard Storage

If you wish to have your skateboard at top shape at all times, then you need to know the importance of proper skateboard storage. Through this, you will be able to retain its shape and design as well as protect it from scratches and such. There are different ways that you can do that will help protect your skateboard at all times. Read on and we will share with you some amazing tips and details about this matter.

Importance of Proper Skateboard Storage

Proper care will delay the lifespan of your skateboard as well as its hardware. To obtain the maximum out of your new skateboard, make certain to check the entire fragments after a few usages. I just overlooked to examine the nuts on my truck hinge and a wheel came soaring off. The wheel was easy to distinguish nevertheless I was fortunate enough, my friend was able to locate the bearing. The nut, spacer, as well as the speed ring, disappeared so I had to find more spare parts for these lost fragments.

Examine your skateboard at all times. See for shed grip tape, make certain all of your wheels rotate correctly and check if all the nuts and screws are tightened. Stay away from rain and wet settings, keep your board in a dry room and don’t toss it around.

  • Be cautious when tightening your trucks

It doesn’t matter if you prefer moveable trucks or tight trucks, make certain to inspect them now and then. Too tight can harm your bushings which will affect presentation. Destructing the bushings will make your board feel lifeless and impassive. How do you distinguish if you tighten your truck excessively? Avoid revealing 2 filaments of your kingpin, this implies your trucks are too constricted. Obtain some harder bushings as an alternative.

  • Clean your bearings at least every 3 months

Grime and sand will find a way into your bearings, so it’s significant to check them out once every while. It rests on how frequently you skate, nonetheless cleaning them like 3 or once a month is recommended when you skate frequently. If you have open bearings it’s quite simple, just let them immerse in alcohol or nail remover.

Jiggle them around and grime will come out. Make sure to soak it for an hour or so and then take them out. It is important to dry them using a paper towel and rap and shake them to eliminate any dirt in between. Make certain they’re totally dry and add about Bones speed cream or silicone oil. If you don’t have such a product, then olive oil will do but then again it will attract more dirt.

If your skateboard has closed bearings, then make certain to eliminate the shield before you smear some nail polisher. You can make use of a razor blade or a small flathead screwdriver to help you take off the protection.

  • Change bushings as soon as they dry out

Bushings wear away in time. Tilting on your deck and steering will surely distort them sooner or later as it loses its efficiency. Dry bushings can be marked by crashes or smashed or pinched bushings.

Avoid tremendously high temperatures or life-threatening cold. Don’t keep your board in scorching and humid surroundings, this will cut their lifespan significantly. If you hear shrill noises when you lean on your board this could imply that they’re already dried out. You can simply apply the solution to this by putting cleanser shavings or just some candle wax in the pivot cup. If that doesn’t help at all then you might need to change them.

If you experience snapping sounds, you must inspect if the washers are still in place. When washers move around, the source for a ticking sound.

  • Change your grip tape

This will depend on which climate situations you skateboard; grip tape could wear out preferably through your deck is still flawlessly good. So, don’t go out and purchase a new deck, simply change the grip tape. It’s not complicated to do and if you track these directions it can’t go off beam. If you’re seeing peeled off the tape, make sure to use a Stanley blade or razor knife to cut it off. If you don’t, it will just get worse denoting you have to change the tape as soon as possible.

  • Stay Away from extreme climate

Hail, heat, and snow could affect and cause issues on your skateboard. Your deck could absorb water ensuing in a damp skateboard deck. Your deck will be damaged and will drop its pop. Over time it can also source delamination. Your deck is completed of several maple wood layers (typically 7) and when it comes into interaction with liquid the epoxy glue will soften.

This grounds the coatings to detached and you’ll have to buy a new deck. Try to dodge pools, don’t skate in the shower (which is also unsafe since you have zilch hold).

Not only your deck nevertheless as well the bearings don’t prefer liquid. Water will source your bearings to oxidation because it softens the oil that retains your bearings rotating. Oxidation will form and your bearings will begin to create sound. Add tiny grime to that and you can off the cuff your bearings. Simply clean them from time to time and use appropriate lubricant, this will help the bearings to last for years.

Finally, water will reason out for your bars and bolts to rust. Screws and bolt are affordable nonetheless just don’t leave your deck where it could get wet. Your trucks will not have any issues but then again leaving it out in the hail frequently will not be that good as well in the end.

The hot climate will wear away your wheels and bushings quicker, hot weathers might likewise have more gravel and dirt which will find a way to get inside your bearings. When bushings turn out to be hot, they bend more rapidly so always take note of that. Life-threatening cold weather, alternatively, might harden your bushings. This isn’t a vast issue nonetheless it will affect your skateboards’ presentation.

  • Inspect the hardware

Make certain the screws and nuts which retain your truck safely connected to your deck are fitted right. You’ll run the danger of flouting them or even ruin your shoes when they poke out a bit. Likewise, inspect the nuts on your kingpin as well as wheels. No one wants wheels to come hovering off or their truck to break up.


These are just some of the details and tips about the Importance of Proper Skateboard Storage. With this, you will certainly be able to keep your skateboard for many years.

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