How to Wrap Skateboard

How to Wrap Skateboard as a Present

A skateboard will make an ideal present for skateboarders. This is a kind of item that many people would love to have because it talks about their character and passion. So, if you are planning to buy a skateboard as a present, you will also have to plan its wrapping. You would want to immediately attract your recipient with a well-thought and perhaps unique wrapping.

If you want to be completely appreciated, you should make your present presentable by wrapping it the best way. However, with the quite complicated figure of a skateboard, you might wonder how you can beautifully wrap it. What is the best way to wrap this present so it will appear appealing to the eyes of your recipient? 

Tips on How to Wrap your Skateboard as a Present

Wrapping a skateboard as a present can be both challenging and fun. There are several approaches you can use to wrap your item. Some would only utilize the things in their home so they can create beautiful wrapping. This can be a time to be artistic and resourceful.

To give you an idea, here is a sample guideline on how to wrap your skateboard as a present:

  1. Roll up the skateboard with a butcher paper. Do it in such a way that the wheels do not shove out of the completed product. Then, cover the butcher paper with your chosen gift wrapper.
  2. Move the skateboard up in a manner that the wheels will be facing up. Doing this will give you an even surface to carry and transport your present.
  3. Move the corners up and have them taped to make sure that each end is secured.
  4. Add some decorations. You may use bows and others and handle them carefully.

There are also other ways to wrap a skateboard. If you find the above steps quite tedious, you may choose to visit a store and buy a large box. Simply place the skateboard inside the box surrounded with foam peanuts. Pick your wrapper and proceed in wrapping the box.

You can even utilize some appliance boxes such as those from stoves and refrigerators. Other than using a large box, you may also use a large gift bag and plenty of tissue papers. You can check the hallmark stores to find this type of gift bag. 


There is no doubt that skateboards are great presents. If you want to make sure the complete satisfaction and happiness of your recipient, you should do your task not just in choosing the right item, but also when it comes to wrapping. You would want to make your present beautifully wrapped and attractive. 

Surely, your recipient will appreciate all your efforts to give them their favorite stuff and, at the same time, wrapped it wonderfully. Whatever method or approach you will use to wrap your skateboard, as long you do it with love and great intention, your recipient will surely appreciate you. 

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