How to Travel With a Skateboard on a Plane

How to Travel With a Skateboard on a Plane

Traveling soon? It’s cool to bring your skate when you travel yet, can you really bring it with you? Luckily, you can travel with your skateboard on a plane. In fact, most airlines are skateboard friendly, which offers opportunities for you to pack it comfortably. 

Experts suggested ways and means for you to keep your skateboard safe while traveling. Want to know how? Check out this post for you. 

Put it in your suitcase

One of the best ways to carry your skateboard with you is to squeeze it in your suitcase. Many publishers suggest that wrapping skateboard in your suitcase is a good idea. You can wrap it up with a garbage bag in order for your clothes to keep clean. You can also use some of your clothes for padding. This way will keep your skateboard safety when you travel. 

Strap your skateboard on your backpack 

If you are not comfortable with squeezing your skateboard on your suitcase and wrapping it with a garbage bag, there’s another choice for you. 

Strapping your skateboard on your backpack is also a good idea to keep your skateboard safe while you travel. Many skateboard brands offer bags that you can use for traveling. You may check your local store or on online stores for available bags that you can choose. 

Ship your skateboard

Another efficient way yet expensive is to ship your skateboard to your destination. It is a safety method, though, but a bit hassle as well. 

It’s a good thing that many airline companies which are skateboard friendly. However, to avoid problems, skateboarding experts and professionals added tips for better plane travel. Below are the few things you can do before traveling. 

Call the airport you’ll be heading of time 

This is a must. One of the best steps you can do is to call the airport ahead of time and ask about their different skateboards policy. Better to have an idea and preparation rather than ending up with some problems because of skateboard issues. 

Better to be earlier before boarding time 

Being on time is a good idea, but when planning to bring your skateboards, heading to the airport before boarding time is better. Some airlines will allow free seating after allowing the whole group to board. If you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to find a place and stash your deck. 

Check basic equipment before leaving 

When traveling, do not just bring your skateboard alone. It is also better to bring basic equipment you might need, like extra wheels or skateboard tools. Before heading to the airport, check this equipment to make sure that you’ll not end up on heading home again because you left something. 

Many travelers find it a bit hassle to bring with them their skateboards when traveling by plane. Of course, there will always be moments in which you must bring your skateboards with you. To bring it safely and successfully, better to check out the regulations of your chosen airlines and airports.

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