How to Stop on a Skateboard

How to Stop on a Skateboard

Stopping on a skateboard is crucial for maneuvering out of any dangerous situation or learning simple tricks such as power sliding. There are many ways to stop a skateboard, but each of them depends on whether you are a novice or an experienced skateboarder.

Practice every stop several times before trying them out while riding quicker. When you have got those tricks in your mind, you will be able to carry out advanced stops and basic tricks.

Learning the right way to stop on a skateboard is quite useful. You can get out of trouble when you begin rolling quickly. It saves you from a painful crash. There are good ways to stop on the skateboard. Here are some to help you out.

Toe or Heel Dragging

This technique is somewhat the same with tail dragging. However, it is less destructive to the skateboard compared to tail dragging. Toe or heel-dragging method is reliable and works well. As you’re riding, put the weight of your back foot on the heel and just hang your toes off the tail’s side.

Press down to elevate the front wheels as you will if you will drag the tail. It will take time to get used to. However, the rubber that you can see on the sole of your sneaker will stop you faster than dragging the wood on the board’s tail due to friction.

Heel dragging is somewhat relevant to toe dragging. However, the concepts of both heel and toe dragging are similar. Instead of putting the weight of your back foot on your heel, you will be putting it on the ball of your foot. Hang your heel off the board’s back and wheelie until the heel drags the asphalt. Either heel or toe dragging can save your skateboard and stop it compared to most methods.

No Tail Dragging

The simplest way to stop a skateboard is the most destructive to it. You can do it by just pressing the tail down until it gets in touch with the concrete. It’s possible to drag the tail alongside the pavement. This method will stop your skateboard with friction. However, counting on no tail dragging soon will result in the ground-down razor tail.

When the tail wears in this manner, it will start to chip, so the pop will disappear for good. Therefore, you must avoid doing it.

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Push Foot Reverse

Another technique for stopping on a skateboard is to use a foot you use for pushing to control your body weight from the pavement. It is among the skateboarding tricks suitable for novices. The key to this technique is keeping most of your weight on your foot that remains on the skateboard.

While you step off with a push foot, put weight on the heel of your sneaker, rolling it on the pavement. Perhaps, you have to do it twice or more so that the skateboard will stop completely, based on the speed you’re carrying. Your skateboard will quickly stop this way. However, you can’t master this method by doing it a couple of times.

Running Out

At times, you know that your skateboard will never stop as fast as you want it to. As you approach the obstacle quickly for a trick, different things may take place which can force you to discontinue and forget the attempt.

Typically, somebody or something will come on your way at an unexpected moment. On the other hand, there are times when things do not feel right, so you have to stop before the scenario leads to something worse.

Dragging your foot may either work or be ineffective in this situation. Hence, the best and safest to do is getting away from the skateboard. In doing this just step off your skateboard and begin running.

This time, the skateboard, particularly the model that features good bearings and wheels, can move faster compared to others. If you’re traveling at the break-neck speed, you cannot use this technique in attempting to stop your skateboard.

If that is the case, you can drag your foot until you’ve slowed to the speed you assume you could run at and bail. Never try to become a hero and attempt to save your skateboard. Instead, save yourself. Remember, a skateboard can withstand a bigger tumble than how much you can endure.

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Pop up the Skateboard

It’s among the coolest skateboarding tricks to use stop your board. However, it can be hard for novices to master. This tactic will require your effort and dedication to practice. Try it just when your skateboard is moving slowly.

Once you slow down the board, get off then kick its tail. The board will bounce, so catch it your hand.

The Power Slide

The coolest technique to stop on a skateboard might be the most difficult as well. It is the power slide. Every novice should try to learn and master it. However, learning this will require both your effort and time. Also, you may fall several times while practicing.

Stand straight and shift your body weight. Be sure you hold your foot tightly. Turn your board’s nose in the side and allow your skateboard to move forward. Let your skateboard slide, leaching the wheels.


Be patient, and you will finally learn how to stop on the skateboard and when bailing will be an intuitive option. You must never approach any obstacle intending to bail but it becomes the greatest choice at times. Try the trick once again once all things are okay.

Running out and foot-dragging aren’t expert techniques but even the pros use it. Hopefully, the tricks included in this post will help you learn how to stop on a skateboard without hurting yourself or damaging your board. Never sacrifice your safety while doing skateboarding.

Rest assured that these tricks are ideal and effective. All you need is to be eager and patient to learn how to do them right. Just keep in mind that everything you do is for your safety. Feel free to choose which trick you feel comfortable. In skateboarding for transportation or leisure, it does not matter how you control and stop your board for as long as you’re doing it safely.


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