How to Ride a Pintail Longboard

How to Ride a Pintail Longboard

Longboarding is a fun and adventurous hobby and sport. It is all about control and speed. Learning to longboard can be challenging, but with the right understanding and kind of longboard, learning can be easy and fun.

What are pintails?

Pintail is a versatile longboard which is best for cruising and carving. They have this unique classic design and distinct features that allow a smooth cruising vibe that most riders love about it. Pintails were designed with a pointy nose intended for better aerodynamics allowing it to enhance its speed. It also has a set of large wheels that will allow the rider to increase the speed at a small period of time.

Riding a Pintail longboard – A Guide

Pintail longboard is often recommended to beginner longboard riders. Here’s how to ride a pintail longboard:

  1. Pintails are higher off the ground, and it has trucks being mounted under the deck. The first thing that you need to know in riding a pintail or any longboards, in general, is to know if you’re are a goofy or regular. You are considered a goofy is you skate with the right foot forward. A regular means that you are skating with your left foot facing forward.
  2. Before going to a long ride, try riding it first on a flat surface. Get your balance and try to roll it on the concrete surface. You have to be comfortable before moving on.
  3. Stand with your feet placed between the bearings that hold the wheel or the trucks. Your front foot should be directed on a 45 degrees angle and should be positioned slightly forward. The back foot should be directed sideways and should be perpendicular to the direction of the board. This is the basic stance in riding the pintail, but as you get comfortable, you can learn to adjust to other stance which you are comfortable with.
  4. Practice your balance. This is very important and very basic as riding longboards is all about balance, control, and speed. To gain control, make sure to focus forward using your peripheral vision as your guide. This process will allow you to naturally gain balance or control.
  5. Practice moving forward. Use your back foot by taking it off the board and use the ground to push off. You can start with small pushes and make sure to keep your body loose as you do this. You can try pushing with your front foot, and this method is called “mongo”. As soon as you get comfortable and confident, you can start with big pushes to gain more speed.
  6. Learn how to stop. This is very important in learning how to ride a pintail longboard. You can stop by dragging one foot on the ground, and this is called foot-braking. Another method is carving where you can snake down the hill by leaning from side to side, pushing the wheel, which will slow you down. Another method is called air breaking, in which you stand up and put your arms out.

As soon as you have learned the basics of riding a pintail longboard, then you can start learning tricks that can add fun and thrill to the sport. The key is to keep your control and balance and also to practice safety, most importantly.

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