How to Ride a Penny Board

Useful Guide on How to Ride a Penny Board

One can develop new skills if he or she perseveres. Doing something for the first time brings doubt and uncertainty.

It’s normal to feel that way, but once you are guided what to do, you’ll understand how to do it. It may be a challenge for you, but at least you know what you’re doing in the first place. 

It will be the same situation when you want to ride a penny board. Here are some things that are useful in learning to have a ride. 

The Penny Board

It’s a shortboard in the skateboard family produced by Penny brand.

Where your Foot Should be

You should see to it that your feet are on the exact position when you’re on the penny board. It is shorter than the longboard, so there’s no much room for your feet.

It’s important that you know your stance quite well. Every rider should give importance to this no matter what kind of rider you are.

You have to observe whether you’re a  goofy or a regular rider. You have to make sure that you feel comfortable with a foot that you place in front. 

The perfect stance is placing your foot on the bolts.

Balance and Moving

Every aspiring skateboarder should master the art of skateboarding. Balancing is the essential factor that must be practiced with this board.

The balance needed in riding this board is done with the help of your knees. Bending your knees results in an amount of force projected to the penny board. 

This way, you can project balance.

Riding a penny board well requires having no issues with balance. So beginners should start with flat ground.

Once you feel comfortable from the proficiency of hanging off the board with your foot, you can get completely on the board at a slow pace. You can put your leg in a horizontal position so you can have control over the board’s carving.

In Slowing Down…

When you know how to move well with your penny board, there’s a need to stop. There are two methods of slowing down.

Foot Brake

You have to use your foot to put the penny board on a halt. You can apply to push force, which is uniform motion.

Then, you can drag your foot against the ground. Friction on the ground will help you stop the penny board.

Jumping Offense 

The second method to stop the board is jumping off. After you do it, there’s no need for you to worry about movements.

Since this thing is durable, there’s no need to worry about any possible damage.

Turns that you Need to do With a Penny Board

There’s a particular nut that you need to loosen so you can set and make turns with a penny board. It will make turning easier for you.

There are two ways to turn with this board.

  • The first one is applying force to the direction that you intend to turn. You have to be aware of the balance. 

If you wish to turn right, press your toes hard right on the board. But if you’re turning left, retreating back a bit is needed without interfering with the balance on the board.

  • The second option is the kicktail. It’s a bit more complicated than just shifting your weight in the previous way of turning.

You need to gently press the penny board back. You have to reduce the force in the front at the same time. 

The front wheels will be off the ground so you can turn the penny to any direction that you want. When at a stopped position,  the kick turn should be done. 

Down to the Conclusion

It’s easy to ride a penny board if you are careful in following the guide above.  These useful tips are great for beginners as well as pros who desire to improve their skills. 

Understanding the important moves makes you discover the fun in riding a penny board. 

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