How to Replace Skateboard Bushings

How to Replace Skateboard Bushings?

You may replace your trucks when they have cracks, warped, or the base plates are already damage. Like replacing trucks, you can also replace different parts such as nuts, washers, base plates, kingpins, and even bushings, even without purchasing the complete set. To replace the bushings easier, it is advisable to take off first the skateboard’s trucks. To begin replacing bushings, make sure that you use the right tools.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Replace Skateboard Bushings

The following are methods on how to replace the skateboard bushings.

Prepare tools for Kingpin

In removing the skateboard bushings, you need to prepare for tools to use. The skate tool is highly recommended to use in order to easily remove the bushings. If the skate tool is not available in your home, you can still use the usual wrench, just make sure to use a wrench that matches the head of the kingpin. Not familiar with kingpin? 

The Kingpin is the bolt that links the hanger into the base plate. Most of the skateboard trucks are the same, but there are some that need different tools to use. Almost all of the skateboard trucks have the same mechanism, and they all have a regular bolt. That’s why the same skate tool can be used. Once that you have the truck and tool already, you may begin to rip the trucks apart.

Strip down the skateboard trucks

The first thing you need to do is to remove the nut. Once that you open the nut, you will now strip down the other parts of the truck. The first part is the washer, then followed by the other parts. 

Here are some tips and reminders:

  • Be careful with these parts as they are very small and can possibly lose, so you need to keep them properly. 
  • Keep the parts in a safe place; you can use a small box to avoid losing them. 
  • You may also open the hanger that helps to hold the truck by the axles—disassembling this part sometimes confusing, as it quite stays tightly attached. 
  • You can pull it from the socket then move it upward from the kingpin. Once that you pull it off, you can now easily pull off the other parts.

Replacing Parts from Skateboard Bushings and Truck

After you fully disassemble the skateboard trucks, you can collect the bearings. Look closer to bushings and observe what they look like. Either you replace your bushing or not, you need to take all part of the bushings and clean it up. And because you open it all up, feel free to replace any parts that you like to change.

Reassemble the Skateboard Trucks

In reassembling the skateboard truck, all you need to do is to place back all the parts one by one. Remember the order before of which parts they are placed. In case you forgot, the first one that needs to place is the base plate; the second was the large washer, then the large bushing, hanger, and lastly, the small bushing and one small washer. While doing the procedure, try to be careful, so you do not bend or break any part. 

When you feel that it is quite hard to push, then don’t force to push it. The skateboard trucks are sensitive while they designed, and they used a lot of pressure while doing it. This is the main reason why you need to be careful reassembling it.

Securing the Skateboard Trucks

After you fully set the parts of the kingpin, you also need to set the nut and place it above then secure it tightly. The tighter you do setting the nuts, the better performance of your skateboard does. Any trick that you made will stay no chance of flexing.


Now you have basic knowledge on how to replace your skateboard’s bushings. Follow these steps so you’ll be guided to do it right the first time. Now damaged tracks are not a too tedious task or problem for you. 

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