how to remove wax from skimboard

How to Remove Wax from Skimboard – 5 Simple Steps

Putting wax on your skimboard is all fun and exciting until the old wax hardened, making your skimboard heavier. The grip isn’t as sticky as before. Instead, you will get a dirty-looking skimboard that is in great need of critical care. Fortunately, the problem isn’t as severe as you think. The process of removing wax from skimboards is easy, and there are several ways to do it. You don’t forget to wax your skimboard, so it makes sense to remember to dewax it as well. Make it a habit to frequently scrape the wax off your skimboard.

There are different reasons why you need to know how to remove wax from your skimboard. First, there is too much excess wax. It won’t look good on the skimboard. The heavier your skimboard feels, the less you’ll enjoy the sport. The grip you get during the first spread of wax isn’t there anymore. You will find yourself slipping, and getting out of balance is more frequent when you are skimboarding. The best solution is to remove the old wax and get ready for a fresh and new coat. 

What do you need? 

Since there are different ways to remove wax from skimboard, you will need a few, if not all, of the following items. Chances are, you have these items to start the work. You will need the following: 

  • Blow dryer 
  • Towel 
  • Wax scraper or an old credit card
  • Commercial Wax remover
  • Hot water 

Once you have everything ready, choose the best options for you to remove the wax off your skimboard. 

How to Remove Wax from Skimboard? 

As mentioned, there are different ways on how you can remove wax from skimboard. Check the options and pick one that you think is effective and convenient. When one prospect doesn’t give the results you want, try for another. Do other options until all the wax build-up comes off the skimboard. 

1. The Heat of the Sun

Take warning. Leaving your skimboard out in the sun for a long time will create more harm than good. The temperature of the sun can dissolve the wax in your skimboard. It is the most uncomplicated and effort-free resolution you can get. Leave the skimboard out under the warmth of the sun for a whole ten minutes. A longer period than ten can cause excessive blows to your skimboard, and you don’t desire that. 

The sun directly melts the wax build-up on your skimboard. Once it melts, scrape them off using the wax scraper or an old card if you don’t have one. Wipe it neat then you can use a new layer of skimboard wax after. 

2. Blow Dryer

If you’re skeptical about placing your skimboard out under the sun where it can deteriorate, try another method. Using the blow dryer is as effective as the sun’s heat. Start removing your wax by turning on your blow dryer and set it at a hot temperature. Now, be careful when aiming the blow dryer to the skimboard. Create a safe distance of a few inches and avoid facing it directly to the skimboard. The heat may coil the skimboard into imperfections. Instead, hold it at an angle that allows the hot wind to blow on the wax. 

Let it linger until the wax starts dissolving. Once it’s manageable enough, scrape the wax repeatedly using the wax scraper or an old car. You may have to redo the method of blow-drying and scouring the wax until all the build-up is gone. 

3. Hot water

Wax softens on anything hot. So, using hot water is another alternative to try. Put an ample amount of water on a pot and heat it. Once you notice the steam rising, turn the heat off and pour the hot water into the skimboard to remove the wax. Don’t wait for the water to boil. Boiling water poured on your skimboard will damage it. Instead, see that the water is warm enough but not borderline hot.  

Resume drenching the skimboard with hot water until you see the wax thawing. Utilize your wax scraper or card again and start pushing the wax. Redo the identical process until you are content with the outcome. 

4. Towel 

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In rare cases when there is no sunlight, no blow dryer, and even hot water, there is another method to try. Use your towel to create the heat that would melt that wax. The science behind it is called friction. Get a trusted towel and scrub it on the places you generally put the wax. The rubbing will generate heat and will eventually soften the wax. It is hard work for sure. If nothing is available, you can trust this alternative to work. Once you get soften wax, scrape them out again. Repeat the process as often as necessary. 

5. Commercial Wax remover 

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Fortunately, science has our backs. There are wax removers commercially sold in the market. It makes the job done quickly. If you want to forgo all the other methods and try this instead, then start searching for the best wax remover there is. You can find several choices. Check the same shop where you had your skimboard wax. Chances are, they also sell wax removers. 

Read the instructions so you can effectively use the wax remover. Generally, you will need a wax scraper to scrape the unwanted wax off the skimboard. Spray the wax remover on the board, wait for a few seconds or minutes, depending on the instruction. Scrape the wax and then wipe the skimboard clean using a cloth. 


Removing the build-up and old wax from your skimboard is extremely important. Knowing how to remove wax from the skimboard makes it easier to get the work done. The right ways will help you create no damage to your skimboard. Knowing how to wax and dewax properly are the skills you need to master, together with the tricks of skimboarding. Knowing the sport well is as crucial as knowing the maintenance. 

Next time you’re up for another day of removing wax from your skimboard, you know what works best to get everything done. With the old wax gone and the new one applies, you are ready for another day of skimboarding.  

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