How to Pump on a Longboard

How to Pump on a Longboard: A Must-Try Style

One of the common techniques in longboarding is pumping. Compared to longboard pushing, pumping is an alternative in moving faster on a flat surface or a ground to either long or short distances.  This technique includes moving the whole body into an s-shaped motion by gliding back and forth until you reach the pace which you are able to control it. This technique is the most common technique used when doing long-distance longboarding. 

One that requires a highly technical body motion, the need for physical endurance, and stability is the key to doing it effectively. In this article, we will be discussing how to pump on a longboard. You may know how this technique works, but understanding how to do it will be helpful for a very wonderful longboarding experience. 

What are the steps?

Start with a good setup

Toward effectively doing a longboard pumping, one of the essential things to consider is a good setup. One to look at is the deck. Those pretty much longer boards are difficult to manage, especially when doing the pumping. 

With great length and outsized wheelbases, it is hard enough for a skater to maintain its grip and do the pumping. In having a preferred deck, one should consider the deck flex, wheelbase, concave, and the mount type. 

In having some amount of flex on your deck, it can help you create vigor by pressing the carves in a more profound way. When it comes to the wheelbase, having a shorter deck is preferable than using a longer one. A wheelbase of 26.5” can do the job. Furthermore, using 30” is okay as long as the trucks are right. 

In terms of concave, having a slight concave pocket can help the skater move comfortably while doing downward and lateral thrust. Moreover, enough deck width can further generate some leverage. 

Lastly, consider the mount type. Compared to drop-throughs, top mounts are comparatively easy for pumping and can effectively provide leverage as you do the pumping. 

Learn the right body position and techniques

Now that you know the right setup, you can go on and learn the proper body positioning and techniques. In proper positioning, one should stand in sideways and make sure that the feet are apart for about shoulder width. However, the positioning should not be far enough for you to be able to bend the deck in the middle. 

When you are able to properly position your feet, then you can begin learning the techniques. You can start by doing a little push on your board in order to prepare yourself in an impulse. After doing a little push, you can turn the board by hardly pressing the rail using your front foot in order to turn the trucks. You can do this repeatedly by creating a left to right motion until you familiarize it. 


Longboard pumping gives you a chance to move forward to the next level of longboarding. Though it may not be easy at first, familiarizing it, in the long run, can help you do it comfortably with the help of continuous practice. By considering a good setup, learning the proper positioning, and techniques, pumping can help you go a long way in your pursuit to become an aficionado.

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