How to Ollie on a Skateboard

How to Ollie on a Skateboard

There are many skateboarding tricks used by most skateboard pros out there. Ollie is the most important trick in skateboarding. It can be the very first trick you’ll learn once you try riding on a skateboard. This skateboarding trick is great to use in getting over the obstacles, in moving around, or just to impress the audience.

Knowing how to do it right is a must, especially in terms of your safety. Also, practicing and mastering the trick will help you achieve better results.

Learning the Right Moves

Before you get started, be sure you’re on a soft surface such as grass. The two main aspects of performing this skateboarding trick are getting your moves right and believing in yourself that you can make it.

Since you’re a novice, begin practicing the ollie on a soft surface like carpet or grass. A soft surface can hold your skateboard still while you’re practicing and won’t be dangerous in case you fall off.

If there is no grass all over or you cannot practice it indoors, then look for a crack in the concrete where the back wheels can rest. It must prevent your skateboard from moving while practicing the ollie.

Once you’re on the right spot for practicing the ollie, place your front foot near the center of your skateboard. Your front foot must serve as the center of balance while you’re riding around. Thus, you must put it in the center. Position your front foot behind your front trucks and near the center of your skateboard so that it will be parallel to the end.

Your front foot’s positioning will alter your ollie’s height. If it is further back, you will jump higher. However, it will be trickier to pull off properly. If your front foot is further forward, then you must be able to perform a small jump with ease. Begin with your front foot close to the center then move it around while you get more confident.

Try standing on a skateboard with your left or right foot one at a time. This way, you will determine which feels more comfortable and natural. So, try doing the ollie with your both feet to what works best for you. Whether it is your left or right foot, it will be okay.

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Once you have found which foot should be in the front, put the other on the tail or back of your board. Make sure your back foot aligns within the tip of the board at your back. Your foot at the back will kick the tip of the board so that the front tip will elevate.

The further your foot on the backside is, the more leverage you can get. Therefore, it will be easier for you to do the ollie.

Push down using your foot on the back tip of your board to know how to lift the front tip. Keep your board in place and then use the ball of your feet at the back in pushing down on the board’s back tip.

While you’re doing that, just allow your front foot to elevate together with the board. Keep on pushing down until the back of your board touches the ground. It is among the major moves associated with performing the ollie. Keep on practicing the moves until you could do the whole thing easily with full confidence.

Get used to gliding your foot in front up through the board’s length. Once you got it, use your foot at the back in holding your skateboard in this position. Glide your front foot upward the board to the front, circling it while you do. The side of your feet under the toes must grate along your board’s deck until it gets on the top.

Make sure the sole of your sneaker is not touching the board while your foot slides upward. The contact should stay between your skateboard’s deck and the side of your sneaker.

Keep on practicing this move until you could do it right and quickly. It’s the other key aspect of pulling off the ollie. Hence, you must be capable of doing it well.

Mastering Your Ollie

After knowing the moves in doing an ollie, you will keep on practicing them one by one. So, you will need these tips to be a pro in doing an ollie:

  • Stand on your skateboard with your knees bent. Stand on your board, your front foot should be in the center while the back foot is close to the rear edge. Slightly bend your knees and get ready to jump while your shoulders must almost align with your feet. Maintain your balance while doing all of these or else your attempt won’t be successful.
  • Try to be on the balls of your feet while you crouch. When pushing too far up on your toes, the board will spin away from you once you jump.
  • Jump in the air with your front foot. Once you crouch, you must spring back up to take the weight off your board so that it will elevate as well. Jump up and try to put your weight first on your front foot and then on your back foot. It seems like you jump off your back foot. Raise first your front foot before jumping off with your back foot.
  • Kick down on your board’s back while you jump. Use the technique you used in learning to push down one your skateboard’s rear tip with your back foot. Try doing it just as you feel your body weight is no longer on the board that you just need to raise the board, not yourself.
  • Get the right timing for doing a downward kick. Don’t be sad if you failed in your first attempt. Just continue practicing.
  • When you jump up, the skateboard must barely touch the concrete before you find yourself in the air. Just avoid dragging the board along the concrete too much as it will slow you down.
  • Be sure your front foot glides right when you begin jumping.
  • Pull your knees upward going to your chest. You must be able to tell easily how high you must raise your feet.
  • Kick over the board’s top so that you can level it out. Keep on doing it many times until feel good at doing this move.
  • Lastly, your legs must be straight just before you land.


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