How to Make Skateboard Wax

How to Make Skateboard Wax

Are you an avid fan of skateboarding but somehow restricted to execute your favorite tricks because you do not have waxes to back up your skating tricks? Well, there are plenty of skateboard waxes that you can buy in different stores. However, you may also consider making your skateboard wax.

Don’t worry. You may think that it can be a tedious job, but it is rather an easy task to do. With only a few things needed, such as candles, cooking oil, bee wax, paraffin, a mold, and an oven, you can easily make your skateboard wax.

Steps in Making a Skateboard Wax

There are several methods in making your skateboard wax. But if you will opt for a simpler and easier way to form your wax, then these steps are most suitable for you:

  1. Melt the wax through an oven. Pre-heat the oven and set it to 150 degrees Celsius. Wait for it to warm up for around 5 minutes. You must set a low temperature to avoid burning the wax. In the event your oven does not have numerous options in terms of adjustment, you may choose to set it to the lowest.
  1. Cut the crayons or candles into little pieces. Ideally, you should cut them into similar sizes to make the melting progress easier and simpler. There is no definite instruction about the size of the crayons or candles. However, the smaller pieces you make, the quicker they melt.
  1. Place the prepared wax into a bowl that is designed for oven use. When finding a bowl for your mixture, you must first think about the size of the pot that has the mix after the completion of the melting. While you operate the oven to liquefy the wax, always remember to choose a bowl that has an oven-safe label.
  1. Gush one teaspoon of cooking oil into the chosen bowl. Oil is necessary to make it more manageable for the wax to graze on the skateboard. Make sure that you gush only the right quantity of oil. Too much oil will make your skateboard wax soft and crushable. 
  1. Melt the mixture in the oven for 10 minutes. You should be attentive to this particular step as you do not want burning to happen. Furthermore, blend it properly to ensure that all ingredients are well mixed.
  1. Keep the bowl of liquefying mixture into a refrigerator. Wait until you notice the liquid to become solid to touch. Do not remove it early to avoid forming a crisp wax.
  1. Remove the solid wax from the container. To remove the wax from the container, you may sometimes wrest the stiffened wax through the hand. In case you find it hard to remove the wax with your hand, you may consider using a knife to chunk it out. Another way of removing it from the container is by heating the bowl just a little to unbind the wax.


It is not hard to make your skateboard wax. With the comprehensive procedures on how to do it, you are expected to come up with a good result. Simply follow the above steps and make sure to obey the crucial parts.

Try making your skateboard wax now and gather the necessary ingredients. Have some fun, and enjoy the result!

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