How to Make A Wooden Bodyboard

How to Make A Wooden Bodyboard: DIY Tips and Steps

Was there ever an instance that you wanted to learn how to make a wooden bodyboard? How did you manage that longing? Did you have the guts to actualize your plan?

Making a wooden bodyboard is actually easier than how you might perceive it. Thus, you might want to try the below tutorial. However, it would be best if you do not forget that making a wooden bodyboard demands some traditional skills and patience. But despite the significant effort that you will have to exert when making your own bodyboard, you will find the entire steps worth doing after learning that you can save money by doing so.

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

Some of the things that you will need to follow this tutorial completely are the following:


Obviously, you need wood when making a wooden bodyboard. Ideally, it would be best if you used plywood for your DIY bodyboard. Ensure that the wood would make suitable material for the bodyboard. There are several types of plywood. Choose a wood that is strong and long-lasting. You cannot just settle with any wood. Remember that with bodyboarding, your board will most of the time used in the water. Thus, if you do not secure the quality of the wood, your board might not last long.


Using a planer when making a wooden bodyboard is essential, and you will appreciate the results once done with the fundamental steps. Planers work to provide an excellent surface finish. It also gives higher accuracy. If you go for a planer machine, you will have to condition yourself since its price is slightly increased. But then again, knowing that this tool can give you a beautiful and highly functional wooden bodyboard, you should be willing to invest in it.


Sanding is an essential step in making a wooden bodyboard. There are various kinds of sandpaper. Hence, you must know about the most appropriate sandpaper for a DIY wooden bodyboard. Ideally, you can use 80 or 220 grit. It would be best if you understood that although this is only a piece of paper, the use of fine-grit sandpaper will help you smoothen rough surfaces and edges. The same with the planer, you will need sandpaper to polish the parts of your board.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the steps on how to make a wooden bodyboard:

1. Get Ready with Your Wood

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Use appropriate plywood for your bodyboard. Prepare the wood for the various parts. For a DIY wooden bodyboard, you will have to secure two wooden planks. These are used for the Bottom and the Deck. Additionally, you have two secure two strips that will be used for the Edge and contour of the rail.

Draw lines from top to bottom. Get a ruler to help you make a centerline. Next, you must obtain the measurement for the length as well as the wide section. Place your preferred curve on top of the plank. At this time, you have to be specific whether you will have 60/40 (higher control, more giant waves, and big riders) or 50/50 (less drag, little surf, and slimmer riders) on the configuration of the rail. Then, remove the undesired wooden portions to have the exterior rail lines achieve 45 degrees of inclination.

2. Cut the Edges

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For this step, you should use a hand planer to polish the rail. It will help you obtain your preferred double-edged rail. Get sandpaper and gently scrub the surrounding part of the board. Make sure that you already have clean and smooth rail lines covering the nose and the tail. Trim the curve of the nose at 175 degrees. Then, label the finger grips on the base to ensure that the bodyboard is entirely even.

3. Outline the Performance

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This time, you should outline the performance of your bodyboard. Find the measurement of the center of the bodyboard and make channel lines over the tail. Tuck in the finger grips on the base, then use your planer as well as your sandpaper to channels and nose until you achieve your opted design for the board.

4. Begin Heat Lamination

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Lay the polished sheet on top of the board to begin the heat lamination. Slowly push the slick the whole time to get rid of air bubbles. Use an x-knife or a razor to get rid of the undesired slick. Do another round of passing of plane to the rails so you can eliminate blemishes.

Get the measurement of the board’s length to know the particular part where you are going to trim the tail. After then, you should be particular about the tail design. You can use a full crescent tail, bat tail, square bat tail, or clipped crescent tail. After knowing your tail design, draw it on top of the board then proceed in cutting it. Attach 4- millimeter nose as well as tail bumpers to secure from water, knee impact, and leash.

5. Perform Final Lamination

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During this step, you can either use Polypropelene or Polyethylene deck sheet. Perform a final lamination on the top skin and get rid of the undesired material. Locate the center part of the bodyboard and tuck in the stringer by accessing the board’s tail. Conclusively, heat laminate your board’s rails and ratify the edges.


How to make a wooden bodyboard? Being a fan of bodyboarding, you should know that the kind of bodyboard used could either make or break one’s encounter with the wave. There are plenty of bodyboards in the market, and they come in different designs, sizes, and quality. However, if you want to personalize your bodyboard and at the same time save some money, it is recommended that you learn how to make a wooden bodyboard.

The steps in making a wooden bodyboard are quite simple. The tutorial above aims to assist the enthusiasts in making a bodyboard that suits their preferences and requirements.

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