How to Make a Skateboard Rail

How to Make a Skateboard Rail

When it comes to skateboarding, grinding along skateboard rails is one of the most difficult tricks to do. However, with day to day grinding, you will surely become a pro in doing so. This is why having your own skateboard rail at home is an excellent idea. This helps you to have everyday training and will help you improve your skills. 

In this post, we’ll talk about making your own skateboard rail. Don’t worry, though; it is not as difficult as what you might think. So, for a little guide, take your time to read and follow. 

What do you need? 

  • Materials 

Round rail, 2 metal scraps about 8 x 6 x 1 inch, another metal in making the feet 

  • Equipment/tools

MIG welder 

  • Safety gear

Gloves, welding mask, long sleeve sweatshirt, jeans 

  • Blueprint

A blueprint will depend on what style of rail you would like to build 

Get your needed measurement 

Before buying all the materials needed, get your desired measurement as your guide on the measurement of materials you’ll buy. Choose high-quality materials depending on what type of rail you will build. 

At this point, suppose you will build a rail made of steel and metal just like what you can see in parks and streets. 

Steel pipe with extensive rectangular shape is a more suitable choice for the main bar. Steel pipe with square shape should be for the legs, and the feet should have a measurement of 3 inches wide. You can ask the hardware to cut the materials you need, or you can also cut it on yourself. You may also make little adjustments to your blueprint, whichever you like will matter. 

Before heading on the next step, it is better to figure out first how you will weld the rail materials together. Of course, this task is something that you can do by yourself, but if you have some doubts, you can ask a friend or someone who has better knowledge and experience in rail making. 

Welding time 

Weld the materials together according to which part they should be used. Always make sure to wear the proper safety gear in welding to ensure your safety along the process. Do this process with keenness and accuracy in order for you not to experience severe difficulties. When you’re doing it well, then you’re done. 

Skateboard rail designs 

In making your own skateboard rails, there are many designs you can choose. While there are more specific instructions on how to do it, here’s a quick overview of these designs for you. 

  • Angled ends 

You can add angled ends on your DYI rail. In order to do this, you need to add curves on the ends of your rail. This design will help a comfortable fall off in the ground. You can cut a small bar the same with your main bar and weld them at the end of the bar, making a downward edge. 

  • Adjustable legs 

A rail with adjustable legs is an excellent one since it will help you a better grinding experience. This design is a bit complex, though, which means that you need help from professionals or from someone who has the ability to do so. 

It is amazing to have your own skateboard rail and train every day to have a better grinding. Indeed, skateboarding doesn’t have the need to spend outside all the time, with your own rail, you can do tricks even in the comfort of your home. 

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