How To Make A Skateboard Deck At Home

How To Make A Skateboard Deck At Home

DIY(Do it yourself) is a trend that everyone is doing these days. Thanks to the internet, we can now get information in a few seconds. The only challenge that we face is the amount of energy we are ready to invest in getting it done. Such is the case of making your skateboard deck at home. It is a fun way to spend time. It becomes more fun when you have your friends around you to assist you in creating a deck, and then party when it is over.

The skateboard DIY culture is not new. It goes back to the bike assembly group among teens who would instead do something radical to their BMX bike in the garage than spend the weekend with their families. The only difference is that back then, skateboards did not have the abundance of materials the way bikes did. Creating your deck can be dangerous, especially without the supervision of a professional.

Today, your home garage is where magic can happen all the time. It takes a few tools, and then you are on your way to building your ideal skateboard deck. But before anything else, why should you make your skateboard deck? You can buy a new skateboard, so why should you do it? Below are the excellent reasons why you should do it.

You have control of your design. Skateboards are only enjoyable as long as the rider has the right size and weight. It’s also true that there is a cool factor in how you create your design. Everyone wants to be unique.

Economics. Buying a new skateboard can be costly. Making your own, save you money. It also enables you to control the overall aspects when it comes to components. While it is true that the more expensive components can be expensive, you can have control over the budgeting. Like for example, you can buy second-hand parts, instead of buying brand new branded parts.

It is fun. Devoting time to your craft is a fun way to spend time. Who knows? If you are good at what you do, you might even open your skateboard brand. So think about it. A little hobby can go a long, long way.

Materials in Building Your Skateboard Deck

Like all steps from carpentry to bike building, you need tools. You also need space for work. Make sure you have the materials that you will be using. You need something to cut your wood in your desired shape. You can use a band saw or a small jigsaw, and you also need epoxy or a skateboard adhesive. You also need bolts, nuts, washers, and a drill. Also, ensure you have a drill and sandpaper for sanding.

The Steps in Building Your Skateboard Deck

Shaping the deck

You need to create a base or framework where you shape the whole deck through veneers. Veneers are layers of different plywood. You create the base part by using thin plywood. A deck is concave(depending on how you use it) in its nose and tail. You bend the first layer into shape with the use of a skateboard adhesive.

Materials to shape the deck

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You support that shape with screws using a rectangular box. The screws will help dry the base of the deck into the desired shape you prefer. Once dried, you remove the base and layer other plywoods on top of it. Some decks can have up to nine layers. But remember that making it thick or thinner will impact the way you will be using it.

Removing and additional touched

You will paint the adhesive on top of the other until it dries. You sand the surface of where you will be putting the adhesive so that it ensures that the adhesion is strong. Once done, you cut the deck into the desired shape using the cutting tools. Then, you drill the truck holes on either side, near the nose and tail. Hence, this is where you will be screwing the baseplate for the other components to come together. Then you sand the surface to ensure smoothness. Thus, this is where you can then apply the grip tape. The grip tape allows you to ride your skateboard securely without slipping. More like something that holds your feet in place when riding flat pedals on your bike.


Now that you have everything in place and also that the holes are drilled, it is time to assemble the parts. You can now screw your truck parts, wheel parts, using your hardware. Remember that you can build a skateboard within 1 to 2 days, and you don’t even have to be a professional. The deck will consume most of your time. Thus, this is because bending it into shape with the use of an adhesive takes time to dry. If you need stability and strength, then giving it 24 hours is recommended.

Note that the smoothness of your ride will depend on the components and the deck that you have. That is why the thickness will dictate the kind of ride you have. Too thin will make it flex, but it might also break the deck during strenuous tricks.

Additional resources

Google is your friend in pointing you in the right direction. You can also watch YouTube videos to get the proper techniques in building your skateboard deck. These days, people are experimenting with different types of decks. Fiberglass is the trend due to its durability and flexibility. But not anyone may want this. That is why it is essential to learn the basics of building traditional decks. Hence, this is easier and doesn’t need expert hands.

If in doubt, you can also consult a carpenter who is good at building and assembling parts using carpentry tools. This way, you know that you are doing your building of the deck the right way. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes, as they will teach us to be better builders. Also, ensure that you are using good layers of wood when building your deck. Thus, this prevents accidents and injuries in the long run. Get expert advice about the kind of veneers you will be using. And lastly, enjoy your creation.

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