How to Make a Plastic Skateboard Deck

How to Make a Plastic Skateboard Deck

Making a plastic skateboard is a careful process that needs a precise level of meticulousness to create or form it successfully. There is important know-how on how to create or make a plastic skateboard that possesses sturdiness and enough stiffness to withstand pressure and, at the same time, not too brittle to break easily.

Plastic skateboard decks drastically became a trend in the subculture of skateboarding. Penny boards became very popular with many teenagers due to its colorful facade and candy-like appearance. 

Plastic skateboards are typically built only for cruising and not for doing strenuous tricks. Since it is too lightweight and flexible, it is not advisable for doing tricks such as grind tricks or flip tricks. It can withstand bowl tricks and skate around the city, but other than that, it has no more other use for it.  

In making a plastic skateboard, it will roughly need 1.8 kilograms of plastic just to make one. You can use all sorts of plastic in accordance with your preference. 

The first step is to collect as many materials as you can, at least 1.8 kilograms of plastic if you are aiming to make more than one skateboard. Prepare your workplace, clear out everything that needs clearing and prepare everything that you will need in making a skateboard. 

If you haven’t drawn or created the skateboard shape yet, it is best to do it before you start crafting. Make a stencil of your desired shape in its actual size; this way, you will have the clear-cut guide of what your end product will look like. 

After collecting the plastics, place them in the machine and heat them up at around 200 degrees Celcius or approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about two hours. While the plastic is still in liquid form, place them into your mold. Wait for it to solidify before taking them out of the mold. 

When they are completely dry, sand down the surface of your skateboard to achieve a smooth finish, by sanding them down, it will be easier for you to stick some stickers, paint a design or put a branding onto the board without any hassle. 

You can use manual labor and start sanding using 60-grit rate sandpaper and work your way up until desired smoothness is achieved. When it completely smoothens, you can now put holes on both ends for your trucks. Make sure that the holes are of standard position and spacing so you can fit any kind of trucks in it. 

Another way to build a plastic skateboard using eco-friendly products is almost the same as the first one, but this time, the materials are not only limited to plastic bags. This time, you can use anything literally out from waste that is made of plastic. 

This approach is not only an eye candy when you get to see the finished product, but it is also very helpful to nature. It will help lessen the non-biodegradable trash and turn it into something useful and another means of eco-friendly and free-energy mode of transportation. On top of that, it will save you fare money!

Redesigning skateboards will require certain adjustments to fit its purpose and the kind of use it will partake in. Commonly, wooden boards are used for heavy-duty skateboarding, but, as time changes, some preference change and some may prefer a more convenient, easy, and lightweight just for the sole purpose of cruising around the beach or for getting from one point to another using free energy whilst promoting exercise.

Steps in Making a Plastic Skateboard  

  • Making a plastic skateboard will require an ample amount of plastics, may it be melted bottle caps, plastic bags, plastic bottles, and among other plastic-made materials that can be of use as a skateboard. After collecting the plastic materials, sort them out according to their kind and the durability. For your information, there are different kinds of plastic, and you must know these kinds to identify where to label your materials and which ones are ideal for mixing together or which part of the board it should be positioned. 
  • Knowing the kind of plastic, you will be able to pinpoint which ones will break easily, the ones that will melt, the ones that will be the best fit for turning into a skateboard. Some plastics are intended for single-use, these are the ones that are not very durable, but they are very malleable. Thus, when making a plastic skateboard, it is important to know the kind of plastic to extend durability and functionality. Also, it will prevent you from creating a damaged good. 
  • After separating the plastics, it is best to tear the plastic into small little pieces for easier melting process and to mix the colors in such a way that it will create a beautiful rainbow pattern. Know which materials melt faster or slower so you will know how to assess and place them in your mold. 
  • You can also play with the patterns by mixing different colors according to your preference and style. After you are happy with your design, you can place melted plastic in your mold. Leave them for at least 24 hours. Make sure that it is completely dry. If it is not fully dry and you would try to take them out, there will be a huge tendency it will deform and ruin its intended shape. Thus, make sure you give it enough time to cool off. 
  • When it is completely dry, you can sand down the edges and the surface to easily put some stickers, paint over, or stick some grip tape.  You can start sanding them down using lower-numbered sandpaper and work your way up until your desired finish or texture is achieved. 
  • After they are smoothened, you can now put holes in your skateboard for your trucks to be installed. Make sure that the holes are in standard position and spacing so it can cater or fit any kind of trucks, regardless of the brand and the hanger size. It has to follow the standard look of the base plate. 

A plastic skateboard is one ideal that can help save the environment from swamping plastic garbage. It is one way to help our nature lessen the trash whilst promoting a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Lastly, it also promotes free-energy transportation, which is also great for taking care of our mother Earth. 

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