How to Lubricate Skateboard Bearings

How to Lubricate Skateboard Bearings

Skateboarding bearings commonly last for a long time, but it needs maintenance to do to make it last. If you use your skateboard under the rain, in mud puddles, or even during the winter season, it is a good idea to lubricate and clean their bearings afterward to avoid having rust.

Most skateboarders keep the old set of bearings, especially to use for skating while they are in the rain. This may save you from rusting up the new set of bearings you just purchased in order to speed up the skateboard.

Guide in Lubricating Skateboard

The following are the guide on how to disassemble, clean, lubricate as well as re-assemble the bearing of the skateboard.

The first thing to consider is to prepare all the things needed.

  • Skateboard bearings (those bearings from the dirty skateboard wheels)
  • Cleaning agent
  • Small pin that is used for removing the shield of the bearing

Bulge out the seals.

There are two different types of seals that were commonly seen on the bearing of the skateboard; the first one is the rubber seals and the metal shields. 

Here’s how:

  • You can bulge out the seals from the other part of the small pin. 
  • Press the seal out while sticking the pin within the ball cage from the outside part of the bearing race. 
  • Target the center part of the seal, this is made from metal so do not stab it. Otherwise, if you have metal shields, hold the area of the circlip that is placed around the outside cage. 
  • Get the pin under the one side of the edge of the circlip, and it easily pops out.

Clean and soak the skateboard bearings.

Using a small bowl, fill it with at least ½ of the cleaning agent you use and put the skateboard bearings then allow it to sit for about a couple of minutes. Preferably, you can tap the bottom part of the bowl then spin the skateboard bearing in it until it looks like it has no grit at all. 

After cleaning the bearing, use a clean paper towel to use it for drying. Repeat for all the remaining bearings. After the bearings are fully dry, you can now clean the seals. Do it gently as the inner metal ring can possibly bend.

Clean the bearings from the outside until there is no visible dirt seen

Observed if the bearing of the skateboard is open or closed. The open ball bearing will be confined using a sealing washer that can be removed on each side. You can clean the bearings by brushing them in the bowl for a few minutes.

Double-check for the ball bearings if they are really clean

Turn the outer ring by holding the ball bearing on the inner ring. If you notice that the ball bearing is not easily rotating, then it is not fully clear yet. Repeat the process again. Having a dirty ball skateboard bearing, you can repeat the cleaning process for about 2 to 3 times.

Apply lubricant

While the ball bearings are still on a piece of clean fabric, you can now apply lubricant. You can use 2 to 3 drops of oil into the ball bearing. Dispense the lubricant by turning the ball bearing of the skateboard. The ideal method to do this is to use a drill that input in ball bearings.

Put back the ball bearings in sealing rings

When you regularly clean the ball bearings, and you maintain to clean it, sealing rings are not required to be very fit. Just simply place the open part inwards to the role. Lubricate a thin coat of oil on the outer part of the ball bearing to avoid having rust. Reassemble the bearings in the rollers on your skateboard. After you clean the bearing, it is usual if you have to drive for about a few kilometers until the lubricant has evenly spread in the bearing.


It’s pretty easy to lubricate the bearings as long as you have the complete tools and materials and the knowledge to do it. Follow the instructions stated above, and you’ll have success doing this skateboard maintenance job.

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