How to Loosen Longboard Trucks

How to Loosen Longboard Trucks

Riding a longboard is pretty much just riding a skateboard, except that the longboard is quite longer than the normal skateboard. Longboards over the years are gaining popularity because they cater to the people who don’t want skateboards. Ideally, longboards are preferably a good choice for long rides and cruising.

Longboards have the option to either tighten them or loosen them according to your liking. If you want crazier turns and sharper turns, loosen the trucks. If you want lesser turns, tightening the trucks will give you that feature. Nonetheless, we’ll give you the basic steps on how to loosen longboard trucks!

What are Longboard Trucks?

Longboard trucks are basically the T-shaped metal pieces that are attached underneath the board. Wheels are often attached to the trucks. In almost all longboards, it requires two trucks that house the wheels, one at the front and one at the back.

Although they function the same with the normal skateboard trucks, they are wider when compared to them; also, they have a low center of gravity due to the nature of their built. Longboard trucks are an essential component if you want to complete your assembled longboard.

But first, you’ll need these basic tools,

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench or Socket wrench

Useful Steps on How to Loosen Longboard Trucks 

Here are the basic steps on how to loosen longboard trucks that would help you. 

Step 1: Prepare the board

You start off by putting your board upside down. Be sure to place it on a stable working area.

Step 2: Time to put the wrench to work

In most trucks, they usually use a 14-mm socket wrench is ideal for longboard trucks. Put the wrench around the nut.

Step 3: Unscrew

If the screw is tightened heavily, use the wrench and turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the truck until you have achieved your desired looseness. If it happens that you are having a hard time loosening a screw, the help of a Philips screwdriver might be of help to aid with stability issues. Use the screwdriver on the opposite side of the truck.

Step 4: Do step three in all trucks

Once you are done on your first truck, do the same process in the remaining trucks until it fits your desired looseness.

Step 5: Configure

When you are done loosening all the trucks, try putting your foot on top of your board and see where there is an unequal distribution of looseness. After that, decide whether the looseness is appropriate for you. If not, try loosening them again until the desired looseness is achieved.


Loosening longboard trucks varies deeply from skater to skater. However, one thing holds true; longboards are quite addictive. Also, it is important to properly secure your screws before going on a trip; you might want to avoid getting in a crash.

Lastly, longboards are specially made for people who love the thrill of adventure. They make a nice gateway for alleviating the stresses of life and make every negative thing into a positive one, especially if you do it with your friends and relatives.

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