How to Lock Up a Longboard

How to Lock Up a Longboard

In recent years the popularity of longboard has been increasing, especially around 2010, when it was recognized as a sport aside from being a hobby. As the public, particularly the teenagers, are drawn towards longboards, it has also become a means of transportation for some.

Yes, longboarding as a means of transportation has become very popular, like going to work, going to school, or running errands. For those who are commuting in a short distance, longboarding is such a great help.

Given the above-mentioned reasons, what would you do if you cannot bring your longboards in a certain place?

How do we lock up a longboard?

If you can’t bring your longboard in a particular place and just leave it unattended, then you are like giving it away. Longboards can be very attractive to thieves. Here are several ways to lockup your longboards and keep them secured.

  1. Lock your longboard to a pole or a bike rack. This is very common, especially in areas that allow longboard as a means of transportation. It is easy, just like locking a bike to a pole. You may need to have a thinner cable or a chain depending on which part of the longboard you pull it through. Fortunately, there are security cables intended for this reason, and you can just purchase it at a local store. Secure a cable and a lock. Some boards have holes on the handles, so it will make it easier for you to attach it to a rack or a pole. Do not use security cables because it is not the securest method.
  2. Vibration Triggered Alarm. Secure your longboard with a battery-operated powered alarm. If your board is moved or someone tries to move it, it will trigger the alarm and produce noise.
  3. Use a carry strap or skate pack. The best security that you can have with your longboards is by carrying your skateboard with you at all times. This will no doubt lock up your longboard.
  4. Store it in a large locker. If you are at work or in school and uses longboard as a means of transportation, the best way to lock it up is to secure it in a large or big locker where it fits. Most schools have large lockers, so you won’t need to lock your longboard to a bike pole or rack. The most important thing here is that you use your own padlock to secure the locker.

An important reminder in locking up a longboard is, do not keep your longboards unattended, especially in public areas for too long. Even if you have locked it or attached it to a pole or bike, there is still a possibility that a thief may be able to have ways to take your belonging.

Locking up your longboards in the most secure ways possible is very important, especially if you are using it very often. The best way is to keep them in areas that will allow you to bring longboards and select among the tips above on how to keep them secure in areas that will not allow you to carry them.s

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