How to Lace Skateboard Shoes

How to Lace Skateboard Shoes

Skateboarding is indeed a fun and exciting activity you can do. However, it is also a fact that many skating-related accidents are caused by a shoelace. This is why; simple security on your lacing style is an important decision you must make as a skateboarder. This will prevent the lace from getting into the wheels or the possibility of breaking off while you are in motion. 

It doesn’t require so much knowledge when it comes to shoe- lacing. With a few techniques and guidelines, you can be a pro in lacing your skateboard shoe. Check out this post for you and learn to show your best shoelace style. 

Does it really matter? 

For a novice skateboarder, it might be a small thing when it comes to lacing a shoe. Some might be asking if it does really matter, well, the thing is that yes, in fact, it matters a lot. 

One of the main reasons why it is important to secure your shoelace is safety. The moment your lace gets on your wheels, you are at risk of getting into an accident. 

On the other hand, another reason why you must give attention to lacing your shoe is the appearance. Do you want to look cooler, smarter, and more classic? Lacing your shoe well is the answer. Different types of shoe lacing techniques will change the appearance of your shoes. Thus, it will affect your entire look and outfit. 

Most of all, well-laced shoes will maintain the lace in the right place, thus maintain the tightness of your shoes. As laces are designed to keep the tightness of the shoes with the feet, it is significant to protect your lace from wearing out. 

Lacing like a pro 

There are many techniques you can apply to have a well-laced skateboard shoe. Pick up your favorite in each day and enjoy its look as you do your tricks and stunts. 

Crisscross Lacing 

 More than a famous shoe lacing style, the crisscross method is also known even in other types of shoes. 

To do this, you will start in the shoe eyelet (this is found in your shoe’s bottom part) and attempt to make a way to the top part of the shoe. Pull your lace crossing to the next outlet, which is located on your shoes’ opposite side. Tie the lace behind the tong of your shoes after reaching in the top part of the shoes, and you’re done. 

Army Lacing 

The first step in this method is to make a straight line between the two eyelets of your shoes close to the toes. Make sure that the length of the lace is equal. Pass the lace to the above eyelet through the outside, and this is done on each side of the shoe. Get it done tightly and diagonally pass the lace. This time it should be in the inside of the top eyelet then, repeat the previous process. Continue the process until you reach the top part of the shoes. 

What makes this technique a better one is that it will give your lace protection from snagging. It produces firmness, but the same time allows greater flexibility on each side of the shoes. Though this method will take some time and may require patience, the result is quite good and safer so, it’s always an excellent choice. 

Bar Lacing or Straight Lacing 

One of the common techniques is bar lacing. It has been one of the favorites of many because it’s easy to do and does not create too much tightness. 

Start to lace across the eyelet in the bottom part of the shoes. Straight up inside through the next higher eyelet and continue crossing the lace in through an adjacent eyelet. Doing so will get both laces on the same side. The next step is to straight the lace across the inside, then across the outside and through the adjacent eyelet. Repeat these steps until reaching the top part of the shoe. When done successfully, end the process by tying up the lace to ensure that the lace will not wear out or loosen up. 

Zipper Lacing 

Another simple method is zipper lacing. One of the reasons why it is an excellent choice among skateboarders is because of the tightness it provides. 

Begin zipper lacing through crossing the lace into the opposite eyelets in a straight manner. Do this in the bottom part of your shoe. Tuck each side of the lace under the former row before crossing the end part of the lace. Feed the lace under the side of the shoe and through the outside for the next higher level. Repeat the process until you reach the top part, and you’ll see a giant zipper through your shoelace. 

These are the four major and common styles you can use. These are not limited for skateboarding alone, and with their great styles, comfort, and look, you can use them out even to your day to day activities.

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