How to Keep Your Skateboard in Good Condition

How to Keep Your Skateboard in Good Condition

Taking good care of your skateboard is more than a choice; it is a must. Just like how you care about your personal stuff, you must also make sure that your skateboard is in good condition all the time. 

Many skaters tend to keep their skateboard out of their house. When you left skateboard after riding outside, the wood will get warped and softened. This is why; taking proper care of your skateboard is a must. 

Tips to Properly Care your Skateboard 

Don’t leave your skateboards outdoor

Skaters should always bear in mind that it is a bad idea to keep boards outdoors. Whether it might get wrecked by someone or might be stolen,  you shouldn’t keep boards outside. 

Boards should be protected from harsh weather conditions. During rainfall, even though you’ll give your board a nice cover, it still gets humid and absorbs moisture, which might cause damage in it.  

When placed on super dry areas, your board might get dust as well. Too much dust will cause damage, especially to the different parts of your board. With hot weather, heat radiation will also stretch the metal parts of your boards. 

You may make a skateboard rack inside your house.  In this way, it is not just easy for you to look for your boards when you need it, it also has a comfortable place free from any harsh weather. 

Give your board some deck care 

The tail and the nose of your board are the two most vulnerable parts. As these parts are constantly in contact with tarmac, they wear out fast. Also, doing flips and other tricks will generally accelerate the damage rates. 

If you see splinters in the deck wood, you may cut the excess while sanding them. 

Care its bearings 

You cannot skate and have fun without the bearing in good condition since this is a vital part of a skateboard. There are many tips published online on how to take care of skateboard bearing. You may check there and find great tips on taking care of this important part properly. 

Substitute parts when needed

Every part of a skateboard is important. Although, you can’t get it back with its looks just like when it was new, replacing bad parts when needed will really help a lot. 

As you use your board and try different tricks and motions, damage parts are inevitable. More than bad enough to see, it is also risky to ride your board with broken parts.  

Check the trucks correctly

Whether you prefer loose or tight trucks, the very important thing to take care is to check it all the time. Always put in mind that too tight trucks may damage the bushing and will surely affect your performance. 

Make sure to keep it in a dry place

The right environment and place to keep your skateboard are necessary. Make sure to keep the board in a dry place, not too cold and not too warm. Avoid habits of just leave your board anywhere, instead of just leaving it on the 

Always keep the wheels clean

This may sound a weird tip, but it works. When you clean your wheels from time to time, you prevent dirt and dust from damaging your bearing. You may use wipes or tissue to clean your wheels. Clean the bearing of your skateboard as well when you’re already there. 

Additional Tips

Aside from keeping the reminders above, there are also simple tips you may apply to take care of your skateboard. 

While riding your board, avoid riding through the broken glass as much as possible. The broken glass might get stuck in your wheels and will cause wheel chips. 

In addition, avoid steeping your skateboard when your shoes are wet-though it is unavoidable sometimes, better to not do it always to keep the durability of the grip tape and the whole skateboard as well. 

When the skateboard gets wet, dry it immediately to avoid waterlogged. Lastly, use a skate tool instead of using anything. There are many great skate tools you can buy. Make sure to choose with good quality to avoid breaking while in use. 

It is necessary to keep your skateboard with the right maintenance to prolong its lifespan. Before and after using it, don’t forget to check your board and make sure that it is in the right condition. In this way, you can safely ride your board and have fun. 

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