How to Install Skateboard Grip Tape

How to Install Skateboard Grip Tape?

When you start skating, there are greater things you need to focus on. This might also be the reason why most skaters forgot the small things yet with great significance. 

Your skateboard deserves a great grip tape installation. A flawless touch will not just give your skateboard a beautiful look but also a great art it deserves.

While some think that installing a skateboard grip tape is an easy job, the truth is that it might get complicated at times. It has the proper way to do it, and in fact, one act of mistake will surely bring you a bad day. So, how to install skateboard grip tape in the right way? Here are simple instructions and tips for you. 

What do you need? 

When it comes to installing a grip tape on your skateboard, quality materials are a must. Here’s what you need:

New deck 

Avoid installing grip tape on old decks. Though you can remove the tape, it takes a lot of effort. Experts recommend installing grip tapes to the new deck instead of old ones. 

High-quality grip tape 

Always choose a high-quality grip tape. Cheaper or generic tape might not give a strong grip. You can find high-quality tapes in stores online or offline. 


There are many options out there if you can’t find a razor blade. You can use a knife or a cutter, but the sharper, the better, which makes razor blade the better choice. 


Any metal and the rounded tool will do, but if it’s possible to have a screwdriver with you, the better. You’ll use this tool to rub on your grip tape (basically like sandpaper)


Though you have already razor blade with, bringing extra tool like a pair of scissors in case you’ll need it is a big help. 

Installing Grip Tape the Right Way 

Step 1 – Create your own design 

As skateboarding gives you a lot of freedom, when it comes to applying grip tape, you can create your own. Be it a whole deck or leaves an area you want to add some colors, the choice is yours. 

Always check the measurement of your design before heading to the next steps. 

Step 2 – Cutting time 

After coming up with your desired design, cut the grip tape accordingly. Use a sharp cutter or a razor blade for a straighter cut. Uneven cutting is not good to see, so make sure to cut with accuracy. 

Both the installing and cutting steps of skateboard’s grip tape is an important step. A single mistake might lead to annoyance, so better to do it with accuracy. 

Step 3- Application of the grip tape 

Now that you have the perfect cut for your deck take off the back of the paper. Stick the grip tape to your skateboard, where it should be placed straight. Flatten the grip tape using your one hand while your other hand will slowly pull the back of the cover, which covers the bottom part of the grip tape. Make sure to flatten the tape, especially in the edges. It is important to do this step gradually to make sure that grip tape is evenly stuck in every area. 

Step 4 – Edging your grip tape 

When you are done with the above steps, you’ll see the grip tape hanging on each side of the deck. Rub the edges as well as all the angles using a screwdriver or any other hard metal. 

Just a little reminder, both the installing and cutting steps of the skate board’s grip tape is an important step. A single mistake might lead to a bigger one, so better to do it with accuracy. 

Step 5 – Finishing time 

Once done, get your razor blade or any sharp tool to cut the grip tape along your board’s edges. Always remember that in this process, a regular knife is not a good choice. Make sure that there are no choppy parts as you cut the grip tape. 

When done cutting, get the screwdriver and rub the edges more. Keep trimming on areas that need finishing. 

Ideas and Styles you can choose 

As much as skateboarding gives you freedom, there are also many grip tapes ideas you can choose. Any of them might suit your taste so, check it out. 

Solid sheet

This style is easy to do but good to see as well. In this style, what you need to is apply the grip tape to the whole part of your skateboard. You can add one small hard piece for easy identification between the nose and the tail. You can also spray a bit if a small solid piece is not your preference. 

Cut shapes

Cutting shapes to add some spice of your skateboard is also an awesome option. However, it’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you are still a beginner. You may search the sample works for an accurate job or ask for some help from the experts. 

Drawing some patterns 

This style can be done during cutting type. Instead of just simply cutting the edges, why not add some patterns to make it more artistic. 

Use a pre-cut tape

If a pre-cut tape is your desired choice, then you can freely do it. Many companies sell pre-cut tapes for convenience and accuracy. 


Grip tape is an additional must-have for your skateboard. After all, this sport is all about freedom and self-expression. Thus, you can freely apply your artistic side. Most of all, more than aesthetic, grip tape will also help the deck of your board well-preserved.

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