How to Hard Flip

How to Hard Flip in 10 Easy Steps

Are you looking for a new skateboarding trick to try? If you know how to kickflip then you might be interested in upgrading your technique to perform this trick. The hardflip is a combination of the frontside pop shove-it and the basic kickflip as it involves flipping the skateboard in between the legs. So before you learn how to hard flip, you must know how to perform the frontside shove it and the kick with ease. 

For skaters who have mastered the kick trick and the frontside shove it, here are ten easy steps to do this trick.

Things You Need to Learn How to Perform the Hardflip

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You need the following to perform this trick:

A well-maintained, quality skateboard

You need a good quality skateboard to use to learn this trick. An old but well-maintained board must have good wheels, new grip tape, and a stable deck.

Safety gear

Wear a good pair of knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Remember, even professional skaters wear safety gear while performing.

Quality skating shoes

You need grippy shoes, footwear that will improve your grip. Wearing this kind of shoes will help you stay safe while on your board. 

Safe, flat area for practice

Prefer a safe location where there’s a wide, flat surface to practice skateboarding tricks. If it’s your first time performing a trick, such as a hardflip, an empty area is the best place to practice.


Wear protective gear and footwear

Just like any other skateboarding trick, you must wear protective gear each time you practice and every time you perform. Use a good size helmet, quality knee pads (to protect your knees), and elbow pads, and well-fitting wrist guards. 

You must never skate without good quality skate shoes with grippy soles and short or no laces. Grippy footwear will help you cling to the grip tape and secure your balance on the board. Short laces or no laces can prevent accidents during a trick.

Locate a safe practice area. 

You must always practice in a safe area where the surface is flat, smooth, and balanced. Since performing hard board flips require a larger area for skating, practice in a large parking area, a long driveway, or in a skate park. Never practice on the streets or a grassy area. 

Pick up speed 

Speed is essential to great hard flips. Start pushing your board a few times to build up speed. Also, riding and simply gliding around before attempting the trick is a warm-up. This can help you prepare your body and mind for the next transition moves. 

Practice correct foot placement

Your back foot must be placed in the correct foot position. The ball of the foot should be along the middle part of the skateboard which is the beginning stance when you’re performing a kickflip. This is the correct starting kickflip position. Locate the bolts and find the middle part of the board.

Also, you must be along with the ball of your foot. Create a 45-degree angle with the toes pointed to the back of your board while the heel is along the front bolts. You will notice that as you perform a hard flip, your back foot shoves a bit forward.

Now that your back foot is in the correct position, the front toes should be placed along the front edge of the skateboard. The heel must be angled to the back. You must place your weight on the ball of your foot. When you combine these steps, your board will flip because the front foot will shove it to the side of the board.

Pop the board

Now that your board is in position, pop it up or flick it up. The best way to pop is using your back foot to move it vertically at a 90-degree angle from the ground. You’ll notice that this step is very similar to the front side shove-it move.  Keep practicing until you get the board to pop up or flick up correctly. Jump high if you want more clearance and kick well to get more pop.

Board flip with your front foot

After the board pops, use the front foot to flick it. The best position to pop is when the board is vertical so move the front foot to the side of your board to turn this in between the legs. This will allow you to pop and afterward, scoop with the back foot which is similar to a frontside pop shove-it move. 

Land safely and correctly.

The board completes a turn (kickflip rotation) and will now tip to the ground. Before it lands, stop on it hard to catch it and to finally stand on the middle board.

For a perfect, seamless execution, always make sure that your body is above the board at all times. You may also find it much easier to land when you’re conscious of the board’s position by the time you land. Most pros are aware of the board’s frontside direction, the position of the nose, tail forward, and their feet so they will always land safely and correctly.

Some skaters find it hard to perfect landing on their lead foot but you must learn how to land with both your feet in the same position. This will help keep you balance as you land on your moving board.  

Perform the trick again

Once you’re able to perform the trick, it’s time to do it again but this time, with more flair. Practice other tricks like the frontside shove, frontside flip, full spin, and other advanced variations of the hardflip.

Keep practicing till you get it perfect. Practice makes perfect. Take time to practice your moves. Some skaters learn easily when practicing with friends while some prefer to learn from a coach.

Now you’re ready to confidently perform a clean hardflip!


Now that you know how to hard flip, you can confidently practice and perform this trick soon. You might find it challenging to perform hard flips, and may even fall several times but don’t give up. Most skaters don’t get it the first time. Try harder and always stay positive. 

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