how to frontside lipslide snowboard

How to Frontside Lipslide Snowboard – Learn from a Professional

One of the tricks that you should learn in snowboarding is the frontside lipslide. The frontside lipslide is a kind of rail trick that basically makes the rider approach the rail while facing forward. While the rider gets into the rail, he pops up and directs the tail through the rail, and initiates a forward slide on the rail. This movement is quite easier to do compared to the backside boardslide since it is easier to pop off the toes compared to popping off the heels.

Now, it is true that a lot of people are hesitant to learn how to frontside lipslide snowboard as they may accidentally get their tail ensnared on the rail as they are attempting to carry it over. Unlike the backboard, the front lip does not give you the advantage of seeing the tail going through the rail.

Despite the complexity of this trick, learning it is a fulfillment. If you are interested to learn frontside lipslide, this article will later demonstrate to you the steps.

The Prerequisite of Frontside Lipslide

You are bound to learn the procedures on how to perform a frontside lipslide on a snowboard. However, you should know that there is a prerequisite to this trick. One of the things that you should learn first before aiming for the frontside lipslide in the 5050s.

Executing 5050s on Rails and Boxes

See to it that you are already comfortable executing 5050s on rails and boxes. Preferably, you should also learn to execute 5050 urban-on features. This movement can be demonstrated in a way that the beginning part of the rail is quite higher than the lip. Asking you to pop up so you can reach toward the feature.

Part of the things that you should also secure is the ride-on feature. These features exhibit the lip and the beginning part of the rail or box at the same level.

Learning How to Frontside Lipslide on a Snowboard

Here are the steps on how to perform a frontside lipslide:

Step #1 Begin with a Ride-on Rail or Box

Ideally, you must begin with a ride-on rail or box. Move-in on your rail frontside. If you find yourself goofy, then it indicates that you will be heading the features that come from the right. However, if you are regular, it means that you are heading the features from the left.

Position yourself with the edge of your toe with the knees bent while you are heading the lip. And as you start to flee from the lip, you should pop up and spin the back-leg onto the rail or box.

There is a bit of something that you should worry about when doing the ride-on feature. However, with the urban-on feature, you have to make sure that your pop is hard enough so you can carry the tail through the rail. You’ll end up being a taco if you do not do it.

Step #2 Clean the Rail

While your snowboard executes the feature, maintain a flat-based position. Riding sideways on a rail or box is not the same as riding sideways on snow. Your weight has to be precisely centered on the snowboard. Consider locking the feature in the middle of your bindings, then ride until you reach the end.

Now, the structure of this stunt is a bit unique whether you’ll choose to go back to regular or switch out to ride. If you decide to pull back the trick and execute it to a normal stance, concentrate on placing the rail more beneath the front foot as you get on the first time. This, together with a reverse motion in the torso will let you do the pullback. Naturally, the trick prefers to switch.

Step #3 Execute in Taller Heights

As you gain the confidence and comfort in doing this trick, you may start executing it on features with taller heights that demand more pop and also on tougher rails such as the down flat downs. Rather than switching or doing a regular stance, you may also begin executing pretzel 270s off and 270s off.


There you go! You should know how to frontside lipslide snowboard after checking the tutorial above. It may not be an easy journey, but learning this trick can give you so much satisfaction as a snowboarder. It is an important milestone to take and you can definitely take pride in learning it. The step-by-step instructions that are featured in this article are significantly simplified so you can fully grasp them.

Again, there are some prerequisites in frontside lipslide. There are some things you need to master first before you decide to practice this complicated trick. Surely, you will invest patience and hard work when learning frontside lipslide. Mastering it may not happen overnight. But with constant practice and making sure you follow the steps properly, you can eventually perform an excellent frontside lipslide.

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