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How to Do a Raley on a Wakeboard – Complete Trick Tutorials

Wakeboard fanatics agree that the raley is one of the most mesmerizing tricks that can be done in this sport. It is one trick that will make any boarder feel Superman-like. While it may sound terrifying to learn, especially for beginners, but there are amazing things that await those who try. Do you want to learn how to do a raley on a wakeboard? Check this guide out and learn about some tricks that you can practice along the way.

How to Do a Raley on a Wakeboard 

Step 1 – Preparing the Raley

Knowing as much information about raleys can help you a lot. Before raleys entered the picture, there were backrolls, wake to wake airs, tantrums, and a whole lot more. The raley is a trick that needs a lot of good board control and commitment. They are generally easier done on cable because the cable can pull you right up. 

If you are having problems with commitment to learning, this step can be done first. If you are finally ready to do the raley, you can then move on to the next process. You can start with a surfboard or a wakeskate since they do not require you to be strapped in.

Step 2 – Get into Wake Speed

Start by getting into wake speed, taking the most challenging heelside carve that you can be using any of the two. While hitting the wake, allow your feet to float up right behind you, with your arms bent slightly. There are several things that you can also take into consideration, such as avoiding kicking your feet right up. 

At this point, your feet should be floating right behind you in the most natural position possible. Your back should also be arching, with your feet coming back right beneath you. You can opt to bring your arms right up to bring your feet much faster. This can be done until you can consistently get your feet beneath you. After this, you can strap your board on. 

Step 3 – Send the Raley

There are multiple opinions about this, with some saying that carving as hard as possible is the best way to go. Some suggest taking the most difficult heelside carve you have ever taken, as this will help the rider to feel the tug from the back of the boat.

When sending the raley, make sure to keep your knees bent and on standby for popping. When hitting the wake, pop smoothly, allowing your feet to go out from behind you. This does not take too much motion or thought. At this rate, there is no need to kick your feet out. Just allow them to go freely. Once they are above your head, you will notice your back arching all the way, with your feet beginning to come back down. 

You can keep your arms bent slightly, lifting the handle when you are ready as your feet start coming down. With this, you can start bringing your knees into the right speed up the process. 

Step 4 – Tips to Minimize Pain

Pain is almost always part of learning how to do a raley on a wakeboard. There are some tips that you can take into consideration. For example, it is recommended to bring your feet down fast than slow. It is often better to wash out using your heels than catching your toe edge. 

Expect too much speed while performing this trick. This means that catching your toe edge is not fun at all. It might also help to wear compression shorts for comfort. Eventually being able to perform this trick appropriately while putting your first one introduces a feeling of accomplishment. 

Remember that one important thing that you need to take into consideration is full speed and commitment. Always keep in mind not to kick your feet out. This is a common mistake by many. Rather, simply allow your feet to rise on their own. Lastly, just enjoy the entire experience. Do not feel pressured by others. Remember that the speed of learning may vary from one person to another. 


Learning how to do a raley on a wakeboard is one of the most amazing things that you can learn as a rider. While you may have to realistically except some pains along the way, with issues such as accidental rotation, learning the tricks mentioned above will help you achieve the right output. 

Once you have achieved your goal and finally be able to do a raley on your wakeboard, no doubt you will feel an extreme sense of accomplishment. After all, not all riders are courageous enough to try this trick out! Why not share your experiences with us? Leave your thoughts, along with any tips, in the comments section below. Feel free to share this article if you like.

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