how to do a pop shuvit

How to Do a Pop Shuvit Like a Pro

One of the classic skateboarding tricks is the pop shuvit or the pop shove it. It’s a trick that combines the ollie and the shove-it, therefore, you pop your board while it spins 180 degrees and moves above the board without spinning. If you wish to learn how to do a pop shuvit, you must know how to perform these two tricks beforehand. Here are steps on how to perform the pop shuvit like a professional. 

Things You Need to Learn How to Pop Shuvit

You’ll need the following to perform the pop shove it:

Well-maintained skateboard

Use a good-quality skateboard with a well-maintained deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Even if you’re using an old board, it should have at least a new grip tape to help you balance and stay safe while performing different tricks.

Safety gear

Always wear a good helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads. If you’re practicing at night, some reflectors on your helmet and gear can help you be seen even in the dark.

Grippy footwear

Grippy footwear will help you stay balanced on the board and keep you safe as you perform all kinds of tricks. 

Clear and smooth area

Choose a clear area with no obstructions to perform the pop shove it. It would help if you practiced in a skate park where the ground is conducive to skateboarding. 


Wear your safety gear and grippy shoes

Before riding your skateboard, wear your safety gear first. Wear your helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Even professional skaters wear safety gear especially when learning new stunts. 

Don’t forget to wear your grippy skate shoes. These are a special kind of footwear with jelly undersides to help you grip the surface of your board better. Also, avoid shoes with long laces and dangling accessories as these can get in your way.

Place your feet in the correct position

As we said before, the pop shove it is a combination of an ollie and a shove-it. To start the trick, place your feet in the correct starting position like when you want to perform an ollie. The foot placement should be perfect and must be placed near the front bolts at a slight angle. The heel of your feet must be hanging off from the board a bit. 

The back foot is placed in the toe side part of the skateboard tail. This is where you shove the board using your back foot slightly hitting the board. Remember, you must be comfortable on the board in this position before you try this trick out.

Skaters who are trying this trick out for the first time may feel unstable when they’re on the board. One trick that always works is placing one of the back wheels in a small crack to hold the wheels tight. This will prevent the board from rolling when you’re practicing your foot position. 

Bend your body from the knees

Your knees should be slightly bent so you can gather momentum for the jump. Bending your knees will also help you jump in the air long enough for the skateboard to perform a 180 full rotation.

Bend your body downwards with your arms hanging just below your knees. As the board pops up you will lift your arms slightly which will add to the momentum.

Usually, it’s up to the skater if he wants to work up to more speed especially when he’s moving on a flat area with no momentum. Some skaters can perform the pop shove it as they roll. 

Take note, there’s no right or wrong way to do this trick. You might have a completely new technique that will work best for you.

Pop your skateboard

Scoop the tail of the skateboard using your back foot which is similar to a shove-it but you need the tail to smack the floor to make a popping sound. As you move up, move forward to the direction where the board spins so you can keep up with the board. 

The skate board spin at 180 degrees and once it’s done, scoop its tail while the back foot curls under and move to the back. The front foot moves above the board; it will help keep the skateboard in the correct position and not in the opposite direction.

As you scoop the board with the back foot, pop the tail well just like scrapping something stuck under your shoe. With the ollie, your front foot must move to the top of the board while during the pop shove-it you must lift your foot off from the board completely. 

Stay on top of the skateboard

Keep your eye on the board as it spins and uses the front foot to help the board. Your arms should come up from the sides to help you move higher than the board. The board should be at the top before you catch it.

Catch the board after spinning

Your skateboard will spin 180 degrees and once it’s done, catch the board using your feet. You must land your feet on the truck bolts. The front foot must be near the front part of the board while the back should be along the tail. As you land, bend your body so you can absorb shock and avoid injuries.

Ride away

After the pop and scoop landing, keep the board level so you can stay balanced in the middle. Keep your balance with your arms. Ride away over smooth ground.

Practice regularly

Practice makes perfect when performing different kinds of skateboarding stunts. 

Embed YouTube

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Now that you know how to do a pop shuvit trick, it’s time to put your learnings to practice. Just like many tricks, take time to perfect the trick and perform it whenever you can. Be patient. You’ll be able to perform it flawlessly and move to more variations like the frontside pop shove.

What do you think about our pop shove it tutorial? Did we miss any steps? Let us know in the comments section below. Like and share this tutorial with anyone who would like to learn how to pop shove it like a pro.

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