How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard

How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard

Kickflip is one of the hardest basic skills that a skater needs to learn. It’s popular so you won’t miss it when you start learning how to skate.

It will help you to learn more skills and tricks in the future. Beginners need to learn ollie as an introduction to kickflip. Using your foot, you can make the board spin while you’re on the air. 

The side and top of your front foot are used to kick the board while you flip and spin at least one time. Then you can land on the board comfortably as wheels down, and you ride smoothly. 

That’s the highlight, but there are other important things that you have to know about kickflip.

Important Things in Doing a Kickflip


First, you have to put your hindfoot flat on the skateboard’s tail. The ball of your front foot should be placed behind the front trucks. 

Even if you remain stationary, you can execute ollie and kickflip. But these steps are done easier when rolling. 

The trick on doing these things is to choose a surface that is grassy or with some carpet. It can keep you from moving or rolling.

But if you want to kickflip while rolling, you should take it slow. Going fast is not helpful, so you should stick within a comfortable speed along with the right position of your feet. 

Pop and High

It’s possible to ollie up high. The technique remains unchanged but a different way of moving your feet in the air.


When you’re up into the air, you have to slide your foot’s side up the board like the usual way you do your ollie. Do a slide that reaches the edge of the board’s nose. Then you can flick the note by using your front foot.

The motion is similar to when you flick a buzzing little thing with the back of your hand. The essential steps are in the following explanation.

Dragging your foot on the board is something that you do when you ollie. You don’t have to stop dragging your foot. It should go on until the deck’s heel edge corner. 

You can flick the board by using your toes. The foot’s motion should be out and minimized a bit. 

But you have to be careful about this action and don’t just kick the board down. If you do so, your foot will go under the skateboard so you would tend to land in the wrong way.

The ideal motion should be out and down behind you.

It’s called flick due to the quick action with your toes. Your little toe can do the job well. You don’t have to kick it hard as it only requires a little strength. 

Just a simple flick. Leg strength is not required.

The Board’s Nose

The corner of the board’s nose is your target in this movement. The most control can be attained when you flick your skateboard.

Getting Out of the Way

When you’re done flicking the board, you have to make sure that your feet are not on your way or make it as something that can block the board. The front foot should not be placed underneath your skateboard. 

Once you’re done with the flick, you have to place your foot up and out. You have to bear in mind that it happens quickly in the air.

Being on the Level When you Do the Trick

You have to maintain your level even if your skateboard has been flipped underneath you. You can easily lose it, so be mindful. 

You have to make your shoulders parallel to the ground. They must point to the direction that you’re heading to. 

One-shoulder should be higher than the other. You need to turn to your side and avoid tilting your upper body. Keeping your level is essential so you can land correctly.

Catching the Board

When the skateboard has fully spun around at a certain time, catch it with your back foot. Using the same foot, you can get a grip on the board. Then you can put your front foot forward.

Getting on the Ground and Rolling Away

Bend your knees well when you need to get on the ground and land. This method will lessen the shock you can get from landing so you can proceed to roll away with ease.

Troubleshooting Ways

1) The Credit Carding Effect

It could hurt you when this happens. The board flips vertically, and it will reach your groin for some hitting. 

To avoid this, you have to spin the board like nose to tail or simply by the vertical axis.

2) Incomplete Flipping

When you sometimes do the kickflip, the board doesn’t completely flip over. But it’s acceptable as you should focus more on landing correctly with both feet even if you got your skateboard upside down.

If the flip is not the way it should be, you need to flip the board harder. See to it that you do it on the edge of the skateboard’s nose. 

Flipping should be done up and down. A single direction would stop the board from spinning. 

3) Releasing the Board

Flipping the board incorrectly might end up for boards to fly in front of you. The reason for this is that you used too much strength on your leg.

You can get it right by using your ankle to flick the board on its deck or corner. Avoid getting your leg associated with this move.

Another result if you use excess leg strength is when your body is dragged into the air. 

There’s only the need for a tap or flick in spinning the board. When it spins sideways, it only shows that flicking is quite hard. Change flick to tapping.

Final Thoughts

Doing a kickflip doesn’t need a lot of force or strength. You have to get the right timing and go with the flow in a relaxed way. 

It doesn’t require a lot of movements too. Follow the steps above and the tips to get it right in no time. 

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