How to do a Kickflip on a Longboard

How to do a Kickflip on a Longboard

If you are adventurous and loves to keep the adrenaline going, then longboarding is the thing for you. Longboarding is both an adventurous hobby or sport that is very popular, especially to the youth. 

The longboarding culture emerged in the 1990s when both snowboarders and sea-surfers wanted to get to try surfing on land. The main idea is to keep the same shape of surfboards and add flexible wheels so that it can move on land reminiscing or recreating the vibe of riding the waves. 

Since then, longboarding has become popular, and longboarders have developed styles and tricks which make the sport more exciting. Among the tricks developed is what is known as “Kickflip”.

What is a Kickflip?

For those enjoying the sport, learning different tricks makes longboarding more adventurous and fun, and one of the most popular tricks to learn is Kickflip. It is actually the first flip learned by longboarders.

Kickflip happens when you spin the longboard or the board performing a 90-degree turn, jumping vertically, then uses the front foot to “kick” or ‘flick” the board so that it will spin in the air before you land. 

Kickflip on a longboard – How to do it?

For most longboarders, Kickflip is the first “flip” trick that they learn. In this article, we will give you steps on how to do this trick. 

  1. First, your legs must be situated between the middle of the board and on the rear of the trucks. Your leg, particularly the rear leg should be on the edge of the board with heel of your front leg situated on the opposite side, your toes hanging, and the sole clutching on the edge of the board.
  2. Slightly squat down and then jump upwards with your weight balanced between your two legs. You could also shit the weight towards the rear leg. It would help you keep up with the board’s spin movement.
  3. As soon as you get your balance, jump your frame to 90 degrees landing back to your stance. The front foot must also spin and turn with the board with the toe, catching it on the underside. Your jump’s direction must take sideways towards the direction in which the board spins.
  4. Catch the longboard with your back foot, then followed by your front foot. Keep an eye on your board as you jump. The trick is to get the timing right and land with your feet over the bolts of the front and back decks.
  5. Keep your shoulder level as it will help you keep your balance as you land and flip.
  6. Bend your knees when landing. This will help bend the shock as the longboard hits the ground.
  7. Keep on practicing. Kickflips can be difficult, so to master this trick; you just have to keep on practicing.

Longboards have gained popularity, especially around 2010. The reason for its massive popularity is that it is easier to ride; they are more stable, smoother, and faster. With a few tricks under your belt, you will never fail to get the fun and adventure associated with this sport.

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