How to Do a Backflip on A Bodyboard

How to Do a Backflip on A Bodyboard: Professional Tips and Guides

How to do a backflip on a bodyboard? Backflip is one of the most popular tricks in bodyboarding. To be honest, this stunt isn’t something you cannot immediately learn. However, despite the detailed steps that are involved in the backflip, it does not mean that it cannot be carried out by beginners. With constant training and eagerness to learn, anyone can make a perfect backflip on a bodyboard.

Explore all the possibilities in bodyboarding. Learning different tricks in bodyboarding can give you more excitement. Backflip, in particular, is something you should learn. But first, find out the essential things in this stunt and the steps to do it.

What Do You Need to Follow in this Tutorial?

You need to secure the following for you to follow this tutorial:


If you want to do a backflip on a bodyboard, you will obviously need a good bodyboard to help you execute the stunt beautifully. It can get confusing when you choose a bodyboard that is best for backflip stunts. What is important is that you get a bodyboard that is made of superior quality. You want to make sure that your board can sustain the pressure of repeat use since you are expected to undergo constant training – this is if you want to master the backflip on the bodyboard.


If you do not have ample time for practice and training, then maybe you should consider trying other bodyboard stunts. Backflip is not a usual movement of the body, as discussed. Thus, you should spend time practicing it. Also, this trick is not easy. To set your expectation, you cannot learn them in instant. Mastering this stunt may take time. Do not hurry your learning. Take your time as you absorb the steps on how to execute a perfect backflip on a bodyboard.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Backflip is characterized by a backward turning movement in which the body executes a 360 degrees curve backward. Yes, it is not a common human movement. Thus, it requires specific techniques. Human bodies are not trained to tolerate upside-down experiences, hence, the brain might play tricks.

Although it is quite a complicated stunt, there is a way that you can do it. Luckily, this article can help you with the details of its execution. These are the steps on how to do a backflip on a bodyboard:

1. Determine the Potential of the Wave

The first thing to do when planning to execute a backflip on a bodyboard is to determine whether the waves have the best section for backflipping. You have to figure it out early on since this will provide you ample time to line up yourself. Obtain the right timing, and prepare for the lip section to pull off correctly.

2. Secure a Nice Bottom Turn

When backflipping on a bodyboard, you should know that timing is an essential factor. However, with enough experience, you will eventually when the right timing is. 

When you are beginning to down the face of the wave and bottom turn heading to the section, look through the line and focus on lining up correctly to make sure that you hit the lip of the wave at the best time. If you want to perform an excellent flip, you should start with a clean and nice bottom turn.

3. Hit the Lip of the Wave with the Greatest Speed

When trying to do a bodyboarding trick, speed is an important element. It does not exclude a backflip on a bodyboard. Make sure that you hit the lip of the wave with the highest speed possible to carry yourself above the wave and propelled upwards and outwards if executing the backflip.

4. Extend the Inside Arm

Spreading the inside arm immediately after you hit the lip of the wave can grant you more projection and height. You will not only establish a good stance and nice style when you extend the board away from the body, but it can also help you find the best area for your landing.

5. Perform a Good Landing

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After striking the lip of the wave through good speed and timing, you have to perform a good landing. By spreading out the inside arm and throwing the head above the shoulder, you can find the best spot for your landing.

You should target landing backward from the even and ceaseless section of the wave. The moment you touch down, you may then stretch your legs. Get the one leg to swivel on the board fixing yourself and preferably continuing with the ride.


There you have it! If you can perform the above steps correctly, you can do a backflip on the bodyboard perfectly. Learning how to do a backflip on a bodyboard is something you can enjoy and be proud of.

You might not see it as something you can do perfectly anytime soon, but as long you do not lose the patience and determination to grasp the essential elements of this stunt, there should be no reason that you cannot execute it.

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