How to Do a 360

How to Do a 360: Wakesurfing 101

One of the best things about wakesurfing is that it does not associate with self-pride. One can have a distinguished wakesurfing course without familiarizing a single technique. However, if you are the adventurous type you are set to kick up your wakesurfing to a degree, then an ideal place to begin is the 360.

How to do a 360 wakesurfing? Several known methods would make you learn the 360 degrees spin. By familiarizing these methods, you will likely discern the method that would suit you best. Utilizing these indefinite ground rules, you will eventually see yourself to be a good spinner. It may not seem to be an easy task, but by learning the right steps and performing them properly, you should be able to learn this trick.

What do You Need to Follow This Tutorial?

For you to do the 360 wakesurfing, you should first consider securing the essential things. Below are the things that you need to have to make sure you can follow the steps below.

The Board

Obviously, you need a board when doing a 360 wakesurfing. However, you should understand that since there are various kinds of board, it is crucial that you get the right one. Not all boards are effective for 360 degrees spin. For the purpose of doing 360 degrees spin, it will be best if you choose a skim-designed board. You can also use a surf-designed board with little fins so you can conveniently break it free when performing the spin.

The Wave

The wave has an important part in a successful 360 wakesurfing. You cannot just do the trick in any wave. You have to find a wave that is sufficiently big with a firm volume of force so you can do the 360 degrees spin and take the wave once again so you can carry on with your ride. Bear in mind, you cannot consider it a 360 spin unless you finish the ride up to the end and you can only do it if you find the perfect wave for the trick.

Step-by-Step Instructions

So, how to do a 360 wakesurfing? Taking hold of a 360 wakesurfing is a great path for any wakesurfer. However, this technique is not always very manageable like how the professionals perform it. The 360 spin requires specific movements and fundamentals. That is why we came up with these step-by-step instructions so you can master the technique and include it in your collection of tricks. 

Drift low on the wave.

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To start learning the 360, position as far back from the wave as much as possible. Doing so will help you gather momentum and speed as you operate the wave’s line before you start the spin. It is suggested that you stay in a kneeled, athletic position as you aim for a 360 spin. 

Drift low on the wave. Position yourself in the center of the riding pocket. Ensure that you get adequate room to finish the spin and drift away flawlessly. Prepare to begin the spin while you keep your weight in the middle nearer to the head of the board.

Set around and spin.

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Begin by sailing forward and sifting the hand nearest to the wave. Remember to tighten your point of gravity. Use your hand to push yourself and begin spinning the nose of your board facing the wave.

While you begin spinning, you will notice the fins bust out. However, if the fins do not bust out, consider exerting more force. Do not be persuaded with the longing to stand straight while you begin spinning as this will only develop drag causing you to plunge out of the wave’s pocket.

Keep yourself in the course and carry on with the spin.

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To align the spin, consider the back legs as the support that you are 360 spinnings. The better you hold the back leg in a similar position, the better rotation you can make.

The moment you have spin the first 180 degrees; you will begin finding again the sweet spot. Do not allow the nose of your board to drown. While you execute the final 180 degrees spin, work to avoid the natural rotation that you have initiated and allow the fins to begin tracking again.

The moment the fins have enclosed, you may need to slant forward to keep yourself in the sweet spot and continue moving. Shift your weight forward and continue riding. Finally, you have executed the 360!


The 360 wakesurfing is one of the most evasive techniques. It simply means that learning how to do a 360 wakesurfing can be very rewarding. It isn’t something that can be perfectly executed by everybody. However, if you diligently follow the steps above, you should be able to master this trick.

The spin itself is barely the issue. Rather, what you should give more attention to is the balance and momentum since they seem to be the trickiest. Hence, if you kept on trying to perform the 360 degrees spin but still not able to perfect it, then you should go back to the manner of your execution and troubleshoot any wrong execution.

When learning the 360, it would be best if you familiarize the wave first by surfing for a while. Again, every wave is unique and your board can make a unique wave every moment you go out.

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