How to Do a 180 on Skateboard

How to Do a 180 on Skateboard

The 180 is a famous skateboarding trick that is quite complicated, especially if your experience is not that extensive. However, if performed properly, this trick can be very flexible and can be blended to a bigger combination of tricks. Hence, it is not just a simple and basic trick – it can be a unique and special exhibition that you can share with your friends. 

To perform a 180 on a skateboard, you will be substantially doing an Ollie and then spinning your body to 180 degrees either to your backside or frontside. It would be good to note that executing a 180 on a skateboard is not a simple trick to deliver; rather, it will take repetitive practices before mastering it. However, once you get to skills to deliver it well, the 180 is an impressive trick that you can show to your friends.

Basic Guide on How to Do the 180 on a Skateboard

Although the 180-trick can be a challenging task, it is not impossible to execute it as long as you have the dedication and commitment to practice regularly. Here is the basic guide on how to do the 180-trick:

Set the body properly

Familiarize yourself with getting into the Ollie 180-position. This is particularly useful if you do not have any experience in 180-trick. Practice doing skating for a while by thrusting off and then positioning the body into the proper post.

Begin your Ollie to 180 spinning

Accumulate your speed. It will be more manageable if you have already earned the momentum. Position your feet to the Ollie position. Wrap up the opposite direction you intend to spin. Begin by making an Ollie. Snatch downward through the back foot. Wallop up the front foot and to the opposite portion of the board that it was first established on when you are executing the Ollie. Switch your weight to the direction you like to spin.

Complete the 180-degree spinning and landing

Adhere the shoulders with the feet. Relax the body. If you have properly performed the 180-trick, you will be in mid-air, and the body shall still be partially wrapped up as the shoulders complete spinning with the feet not too far. Then do a smooth landing.


Mastering the 180 on a skateboard can be so much fun. If you have an intense passion for skateboarding, then you should try performing this trick. It is true that it is not something that you can easily learn and become an expert, but if you allow yourself to understand and grasp the comprehensive instructions on how to deliver this trick well, then you should eventually become a good performer of this trick.

Find some time to do regular practice. Earn your patience and welcome the possibility of some failures during the process of your learning. Remember that mastering this trick can be very challenging. The 180-trick on a skateboard is something you can be proud of showing once you learn its execution.

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