How To Design A Skateboard Deck

How To Design A Skateboard Deck

Skateboarding, as we all know, is a fun recreational activity where you can find action and thrill. Skaters love to show off their skills and newly discovered board tricks that somehow they tend to develop even more. As part of being a skater, skateboards are an essential tool in this activity. These boards are a reflection of what a skater is, and it also involves how each skateboard deck’s physical appearance – its design.

So, we have thought and gathered some ideas that can help skaters like you on how to make your skateboard deck’s design attractive and comfortable as well. You can follow these methods, which are also suitable for beginners, as well as for pros. So, let’s start!

The Preparation

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Before applying some designs on your skateboard decks, you should disassemble it first. You need to remove all the parts, such as trucks and wheels from your deck. Remember, there are small pieces or parts such as screws and bolts while you remove it, and you should place it in a separate case.

After you remove all the parts of your skateboard, you should clean your decks. It can affect the overall design if you don’t clean it, as dirt can interfere with your designs. So, when your skateboard deck is already clean, you can choose the following design methods below for designing your deck

Stickers: This is a Good Option

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The easiest way of designing your skateboard deck is by using stickers. By using a sticker, you can decorate your skateboard deck quickly without needing any materials. You can also choose different types of designs, or you can get even a personalized one. There are a lot of them in the market, and some are specifically made to adhere to skateboard decks.

One of the best things about stickers is that it can save you time. Measure the length and width of your skateboard deck as well as your chosen sticker. Then carefully apply in through the bottom of your deck, and you’re done. This method of designing your skateboard deck is the simplest one. You can replace it with another one if it wears down or its design starts to fade away. So, if you want the simplest way of designing your skateboard deck, using this method is useful.


Applying paint in your skateboard deck is also a simple way of designing it. There are available paints in the market which are designed for the skateboard deck application. You can also choose what type of painting methods in your skateboard decks. With this method, not only that you can provide your skateboard deck to be cool but also can protect it. So, here are some of the useful and creative options for painting your skateboard decks.

Aerosol or Spray Paint

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One of the conventional and traditional options for designing your skateboard deck. You can do whatever you may want, especially in your design with this method. Although, you need to apply some primer spray paint before starting your skateboard deck makeover. You may also cut some designs and place them on the bottom of your deck if you want some to spray cut-out designs. You can also use a spray brush, but it can be expensive for some reason. However, it will provide you with cleaner and professional results.

Paint Pens

Using paint pens is also suitable for designing your skateboard decks. This tool has a wide range of options for both thickness and colors. It will allow you to create your personalized designs in your skateboard deck in an orderly manner. Although, if drawing is not your thing, you can also take it out on skating events and get some signatures of professional skaters. Sure, that your skate buddies will admire as well as envy you.

Traditional Painting

By doing this method, we encourage and recommend you use enamel or oil-based paints. It would be best if you avoided water-based paints as it can easily be dissolved when contacted to water. These methods are perfect if you also love to draw or paint. You can express your creativity as well as your drawing skills within this method. You may also put enough layers on it for the wood to be able to absorb the paint. If worked correctly, you will get some cool and artistic finish, among other options.

Colored Markers

If you want some simple designs, you can use markers for designing your skateboard deck. It is probably the most comfortable painting options available for designing skateboard decks. You might also find markers right inside your home. However, this method involved price and doesn’t last for too long. Although, as an alternative option, you can use permanent markers. For those reasons, using it will guarantee a new lifetime.

Skateboard Deck Design: Engrave

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This method is one of the most delicate and intricate methods for designing your skateboard deck. It is an extreme way of personalizing your deck, which involves some materials. However, if you want to do this method, you might need some excellent knife handling skills, or you might need carving tools for it. If you have an electric carving tool in your home, it can make your design much cleaner and faster. You can also use some templates to help you with your carving process. You should also need to be careful not to cut them.

This method might be dangerous and need some skills. Although if you worked this method properly, your skateboard deck could be much cooler and presentable. If you want to do this method, make sure not to hit some of the vital points of your deck. Be careful in doing so.

Parting Tip

Designing your skateboard deck with your design can be satisfying. Hence, the skateboard is the extension of the skater’s body. The design of their skateboard is part of them as well as representing their personalities. No matter what artistic or cooler designs you may choose, the result should be what you would aim for.

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