How to Clean Your Skate Shoes

How to Clean Your Skate Shoes 101

You might be in the same spot as others. You’re riding with your board nice and smooth, and something just came up. You stepped on something. Now, your shoes are now a mess, and so is your board. 

Washing is not a difficult task for most people. Different types of washing machines are available in the market, and all you need to do is to throw your dirty shirts inside. But not with skate shoes, in fact, cleaning it is more complicated than what you are thinking of. 

Yet it’s not a problem at all. Here’s a little guide for you on how to clean your skate shoe effectively and in a safer way. Keep scrolling; you’re on the right track.

Understanding the Risk 

You might not be aware, but did you know that you can damage your shoes when you clean it in the wrong way? Well, it might bE less serious for some, but it is not something you can take lightly.

As different shoes made with different materials, your way of cleaning might also vary. When it comes to skate shoes cleaning, the real score is to take precautions. It doesn’t mean that you will not clean your shoes anymore, but doing the right step is a must. 

Basic Cleaning 

Just like your clothes, you can clean your skate shoes in the washing machine. However, before doing so, you must be careful and keener in checking your washing machine. Some washers have their certain methods in shoe washing. Check it out in your manual carefully before throwing off your shoes. What’s next? Here’s what you must do. 

  • Do a manual scrub first. Depending on how dirty your shoes are and what kind of dirt it has, do a manual scrubbing to remove hardened dirt. 
  • Second, remove the shoelace as well as shoe insoles. Place each shoe in each wash bag. You may include the shoelace and shoe insoles unless you will wash it on your own. 
  • Short wash program spins are required, and the speed of your washing machine should be set in low. Put on detergents; remember not to use fabric softener. 
  • It is a better idea to include another laundry with your shoes. 

Now that you’re done with washing, it’s now time for drying. Always bear in mind that it’s not a good idea to dry your shoes under the sun. The striking heat will turn the colors of your shoes into pale and dull. 

Just an important note, basic cleaning with the use of a washing machine is a choice suitable for shoes made from clothes only. 

How to clean the white strip?

The white part of the edges is the part which takes up dirt easily and scuffs marks so, thorough cleaning on the white strip is needed. Luckily, there are many choices to clean this part, and you can use rubbing alcohol: bleach, lemon juice, or window cleaner. There are many other options, though; you only need to choose the best one for you. 

After careful choosing, put the white strip in a covered surface and use a toothbrush in applying the cleaner. When using bleach, make sure to do it outside since this cleaning agent has a very strong odor. Keep on cleaning until this part goes back to its original look. 

What if my shoes are made of leather? 

Cleaning your leather footwear in a washing machine is a big no. Instead, you must clean it dry to avoid any damage. 

How to clean shoes made from canvas and synthetics?

These days, most shoes are made from synthetics and canvas. If your skate shoes are made in any of these materials, removing traces of dirt can be a headache. You may use an enzymatic stain remover to clean such shoes. Pre-treat your shoes and sit them for a while before you put them in the washing machine. 

Make sure to use cool water when you are cleaning and wrap them in a pillowcase to protect those integral parts of the shoes. You can use your usual choice of detergent. Once finished, air dry your skate shoes. 

What if there are stains in my shoes? 

Using a sponge or a brush with softer bristles will help you remove stains. There are also cleaning agents you can find in the market. Eraser is also excellent when it comes to removing stains. 


As much as how you value your skateboards, it is also a must to value your skate shoes and keep them clean. Cleaning your personal skateboarding stuff like skate shoes is a responsibility you must always do. Happy skating!

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