How to Clean Longboard Bearings

How to Clean Longboard Bearings at Home

In your daily longboarding, once in a while, as a rider, one to consider is properly cleaning your longboard bearing. By doing the right maintenance, you will be able to enhance and improve its ability to provide you great riding experience. 

As you use your longboard, over time, the bearings may accumulate some grit and dust, which can impact your riding action and your inability to perform some techniques. By cleaning the bearings, you can be able to minimize its wear and tear. Additionally, you can also boost its speed and prevent the seizing up of the wheels. 

In this article, we will be talking about how to clean your longboard bearings at home. 

Steps to Clean Longboard Bearings 

Step # 1: Prepare all the needed equipment

Before you even start cleaning the bearings, you should have the right tools. For better cleaning, you should have a citrus cleaner, container with lid, safety pin or dental tool, screwdriver, socket wrench, skate tool, hairdryer, paper towel, and lubricant. 

Step # 2: Remove the wheels

After having all the required equipment and tools, you can start removing the wheels. Do this by loosening the nuts from the wheels with the use of a socket wrench or skate tool. 

Step # 3: Remove the bearings from the wheels

After removing the wheels, you can take the bearing from it. You can start by prying it out using a screwdriver. Other longboards have an extra spacer in between. In this case, you can remove this spacer after removing the first bearing. 

Step # 4: Remove the seals

As soon as you have removed all the bearings, you can start taking the seals apart. You can use either a safety pin or dental tool to remove the seals from the bearings. 

Step # 5: Do a major cleaning

In this step, all you have to do is to clean the obvious dirt from the bearings by using a paper towel. 

Step # 6: Soak the bearings

After you have already removed the obvious dirt and grime from the bearing, you can prepare the container with lid and the citrus cleaner. Put the bearing in the container and fill it with a considerable amount of citrus cleaner. Put the lid to cover the container and shake it for 5 minutes. If the dirt isn’t yet removed, you can do this process repeatedly as soon as the dirt finally gets off the bearing. 

Step # 7: Rinse it with hot water

After soaking and finally removing all the dirt from the bearing, it is time for you to rinse the bearing under hot water. This is in order for you to remove the citrus cleaner totally from the bearing. 

Step # 8: Dry it up

After rinsing it using hot water, you can set it out and dry it out using a paper towel and the hairdryer. 

Step # 9: Put some lubricant

In this step, you can put some lubricant on the bearing. It can be a oust metal oil or sewing machine oil. Though any lubricants will do, for better results, use a thin lubricant. 

Step # 10: Put the bearings back

In this step, you can simply put the bearings back the way you originally removed it and make sure that they are tightly fastened. 

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