How to Choose Bodyboard Fins

How to Choose Bodyboard Fins: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Other than freeing yourself from stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, bodyboarding also offers fun and adventure. Whether you are into this sport for quite a while or it is your first time to try it, wearing a bodyboard fin contributes to a gratifying experience. 

Aside from the fact that this gear will give you access to easy and fast swimming, it also guarantees that you get total command of your body. That is why you must know how to choose bodyboard fins that would suit you best. This article will show you the steps on how to do it.

What You Will Need to Follow this Tutorial?

The steps in choosing the best bodyboard fins for you are quite easy to do. To make sure that you can follow the instructions, you will need the following:


Searching for the right bodyboard fin may take time. If you force things and choose fin in a hurry without properly evaluating the important aspects, you may not be able to get the precise information. It would be good if you can free your day to find the right gear.

You must remember that the best fins are comprised of sizes, shape, durability, and firmness. Allocate some time to confirm the conditions of the bodyboard fin.


Patience is important when doing the steps below. Bodyboarding fins are available in many brands, thus, you are likely to be comparing various brands. The steps are not that complicated, but it might ask your dedication to thoroughly compare and contrast the brands. Some brands can be better in one aspect, but not in other aspects. For instance, you should never think that you cannot find a fin of your size. Just have patience in checking the available fins in the market.

Step-by-Step Instructions

These are the steps on how to choose bodyboard fins:

1. Find a fin that has the best size for you.

The size of the bodyboard fin is the most essential aspect to consider when buying one. If you are someone who enjoys bodyboarding a lot and does not mind spending long hours in the sea, you can easily discern the disadvantage of wearing a fin that does not suit you well and the advantage of wearing a fin that fits you perfectly. Therefore, you must choose a bodyboard fin that has the best size for you.

Simply get the measurement of your shoe and you will know your fin size. Also, you should know that every bodyboard fin practices a unique approach to sizing. Some brands have three to four available sizes, where each size is classified into shoe sizes. However, if you prefer something that is customized to your size, you can also check other brands as you will likely see some brands doing it.

2. Check the buoyancy of the bodyboard fin.

Another thing to consider when choosing bodyboard fins is their capability to float. Bodyboarders are always advised to get a bodyboard fin that can float. Fortunately, you can find numerous fins in the market that have this capability. Thus, this step shouldn’t be as challenging as the other steps listed here.

3. Get a fin with the right foot type.

You should always choose a bodyboard fin with the right foot type. Just like with shoes, some brands of bodyboard fins can fit better for people with bigger feet, while other brands can fit better for people with narrow feet. Check around and compare various brands to get the foot type that suits you.

4. Choose a fin that uses durable material.

The material of the bodyboard fin is something you should seriously consider. It is a good thing though that the majority of the bodyboard fins are built from the same material and that is PVC. Many fins are designed from a solid-plastic material, blended with a ductile insole for the foot. 

The use of PVC material on the bodyboard fin, if it comes of excellent quality, contributes to its endurance.

5. Check the firmness of the fin.

Its PVC material comes in different firmness. You should understand the difference between choosing a fin with higher firmness versus choosing a fin with lower firmness.

Fins that exhibit higher firmness will give you a faster response time as well as better endurance. Those with lower firmness, on the other hand, are comfortable to use, however, they offer slower response time and poorer persistency.

Just one thing that you should know though about the firmer fins is that they are a lot more challenging to swim with. Thus, it is not advised for people who do not have great skills in swimming. For beginners, softer fins are recommended.

You can try different kinds of firmness when catching the waves to know what you will like most. It will be best if you choose higher-end fins because they can surely give you more comfort.

6. Verify the durability of the fin.

If you want to enjoy the experience of bodyboarding, you have to make sure that you are wearing a durable bodyboard fin. Although it is understandable why some would prefer to get cheaper fin, you are discouraged to do the same. Low-quality fins will not give you the best experience in bodyboarding. The use of low-quality fins regularly can lead to some injuries.

If you are an expert bodyboarder, your preferences will likely lead you to the best brands. You can find a few kinds of fins that are manufactured for power, durability, comfort, and strength. 

7. Determine the best shape for your fin.

Lastly, any fin shapes can be suitable for many beginners. However, if you are a seasoned bodyboarder, you will see the shape of the fin to be an essential thing to consider. It all whittles down to your preferences. Beginners, on the other hand, will likely not notice the distinctions between the shapes of the fin.


Learning how to choose bodyboard fins that suit you best will make a difference in your bodyboarding experience. With the guidelines above, you can now find the fin that could serve as your best partner in the ocean. You should make sure that it possesses long-lastingness and durability. You would not want to feel frustrated if you choose the wrong fin and you end up detaching yourself from it while conquering the waves.

Perform the steps indicated above and you can be assured of getting the right bodyboard fins.

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