How To Choose A Good Skateboard Deck

How To Choose A Good Skateboard Deck

If you are new to skateboarding and you are choosing your board for the first time, then you need to consider several options. Boards with popular brands are expensive, but they are also durable. You also need to consider the kind of tricks you will be doing with your new board. Are you a leisure skater? Or are you into skills like doing ollie and other fancy things? Then, it is time to consider the essential things you should know before buying your skateboard deck. Hence, this is supposing that you already know how to assemble your board, and you have tools at your disposal. Thus, this is also considering that you already have the truck that you can just attach to your deck.

Before going further, you need to consider if this is your first deck, and you wish to practice your skateboard. We are not going further into details. But you need to be physically fit to have a skateboard. You need to have a good sense of balance when riding your skateboard. You also need to be ready for the strenuous activity associated with skateboarding

The Size

The width of the skateboard is as vital as the length. A deck with a short width will give you problems in terms of feet placement. Too wide, and you will have problems balancing. So, you need to check which one is just right for you. Not all of us have the same foot sizes. Ensure that you check these things before deciding to buy your deck. For example, a 7.5″ to 8″ is the standard board for adult riders. This size is ideal for skating streets and also ideal for doing more technical tricks. 8.0″ to 8.25″ is excellent for riding in skating pool, ramp, and rail. Hence, this is popular in most parks. 8.25″ and larger is ideal for beginners. This is good for vert, pools, and cruising, and also suitable for any easy riding without doing tricks. Usually, those in the store will ask for your body size so they can recommend what’s good for you. You can also search Google for the size charts to help you determine the excellent size.

Style and features


Skateboard decks come in different styles and features. Styles refer to the kind of riding that you do. Therefore, the corresponding shape should match your way of riding. There are four styles of skateboards. So far, these are the most popular ones in the market. Note that, as you dig father into the skateboard culture, you will see other styles.

The longboard is more popular these days for those who are not keen on tricks. The decks are wider and longer. People who ride longboards are there for the sheer fun of speed. Thus, this is also used as a means of transportation. Longboards are fun for downhills and other rides requiring speed and momentum. They are also attractive due to their sizes.

Shortboards are popular with those who are fond of tricks. They are lightweight. They are there for park recreation where you do kick-flip, ollie, and all sorts of tricks. They are easy to carry, and they don’t take too much space. Hence, this is mostly for advanced riders.

Cruisers fall between longboards and shortboards. They have emphasized kicktails, and are mainly used for cruising around. They are even good transportation tools. They can do tricks, but with minimum maneuverability. They are heavier and bigger than shortboards.

Old school boards have flat nose and tails. You can use them for tricks as well as cruising. They don’t have the comfort and ease of cruisers and longboards, but they are challenging in ramps and skate pools. There are even popular discussion groups dedicated to them.


Knowing about the styles will give you an idea of what features to look for. If you are riding cruiser style, then you will look for something wider and longer. Another thing to consider is your wheelbase. It is the distance between the trucks from your nose and tail. The length of your wheelbase will depend on your style. Hence, shorter wheelbases are for expert riders. The thickness will also determine your riding style. The ticker it is, the more rigid the riding is. Consider if you want a concave or convex deck. Concave gives you more stability. Convex gives you more riding style.


The wood quality will affect your riding, and it will also make or break a deck. Maple wood is the first choice for its flexibility. More and more manufacturers are moving into the fiberglass for its ability to stand moisture. But some still prefer wooden decks for the ‘feel’ and also weight. Another thing to consider is the construction technique. Thus, this will affect the longevity of the board. The next thing you need to check is the surface. Check for stability. Are you wearing shoes that fit your riding styles? You will learn more as you grow in your knowledge of skateboards. You will learn the nuances of the ride. You will also understand why classic skateboards are asymmetrical and why there are convex and concave decks.

Now that you have bought your skateboard deck, it is time for assembly. Ensure you have the necessary tools and materials. Putting them together is not hard because you can always find a guide online. You can also watch YouTube videos for skateboard assembly. You can design and personalize your skateboard in any style you want.


Your skateboard is an excellent investment, and you will enjoy it for a long time if it is properly taken care of. Store it in a cool, dry place. Temperature can affect the flex of wooden decks. Moisture is also bad for wooden decks. Consider the thickness of your deck and limit your tricks according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

Having your favorite deck will enhance your riding. If you are new to this, then hopefully, this article will encourage you to learn. You can ask someone to show you how to ride. If you are already an expert, then hopefully you will have more fun riding your chosen deck.

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