How to Change Longboard Bearings

How to Change Longboard Bearings

When you are longboarding for months, chances are you need to replace/change your longboard bearings because of the wear and tear it has done to it, and this may affect the overall performance of the board. Replacing them to achieve maximum output will be advantageous. However, changing the bearing may not be as easy as it sounds.

Longboard bearings are an essential part of the entire longboard; it helps the wheels spin in a good way. But in some cases where you find yourself having a hard time gaining speed, this might be the best reason to change your bearings. So, if you want that added speed boost, it is about time to change them with new ones!

This article will teach you how to change your longboard bearings.

Before we start, the equipment we need is:

  • Skate tool
  • Philips screwdriver

If you are replacing your old bearings, you might need to remove your old bearings first. In doing so,

Steps on How to Change Longboard Bearings

Here are the useful steps that would help you in changing longboard bearings. Get some tips on how to do it properly. 

Step 1: Unwind the axle nut of your board

Remove the nut in the axle wheel, they are found at the middle portion of the wheel. By using the skate tool, place the tool on the nut and turn it until you feel that it is moving. Unscrew it until the nut falls off.

Step 2: Remove the wheels.

When the axle nuts fall off, take out the wheels. Don’t put the wheels where it is hard to find because we will need it later

Step 3: Removing the old bearing from the wheels

This is the actual time to remove those old and rusty bearings. In doing so, removing the bearings might take a few tries before you achieve it. Take the first wheel, which you removed earlier, and you should put a part of the wheel back to the axle, about half an inch. 

After that, thrust the wheel in a downward motion and still keeping the part of the wheel in the axle. Give it a few pushes, and they will come off eventually. Once you’ve successfully done it, do the same thing for the remaining wheels.

Step 4: Inserting new bearings

Take one of your new bearings and put it onto your axle. The spacer of the bearing should be like it is facing towards the rear part of the axle or outwards. After doing that, take your wheel and put it in on the axle. Make sure that the outer part of the wheel is facing towards the hanger. 

Then slowly thrust the wheel to the hanger until you overhear a popping sound, and those bearings should be pushed into the wheel once the popping sound is emitted.

When done, take out the wheel from the axle and add another bearing from the other side of the wheel. It is just the same as before. And there you go! You have successfully installed a new bearing on your wheel.

Step 5: the Final step

Put the wheel back on the axle and slowly screw it. Make sure it is tightened before trying your new bearings. Having a loosely tightened axle nut may raise the risk of losing your wheels and axles. So, screw it tightly!


Replacing your longboard bearings is quite and easy if you follow our steps. We highly recommend buying a great quality bearing to achieve a favorable outcome in your longboarding journey. Changing your bearing every once in a while is an inexpensive thing to do and hassle-free. We hope our guide helped you in many ways!

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