How to Carry a Longboard

How to Carry a Longboard Without Hassle

If you’ve been longboarding for a long time now, you’ll be faced with a problem in which carrying a longboard might be troublesome, especially for tiny people. As you may know, longboards are quite long and have significant weight to it. Also, some longboard designs are quite bulky.

There are particular situations wherein it is quite hard to carry longboards, in public, during a climb, and everything that involves carrying. Lucky for you, we’ve listed some of the ways on how to carry your longboards the easy way.

Why Carry a Longboard?

This question always pops, however – not most of the time, you will be riding your longboards, and there are different scenarios wherein you should carry your longboard, and these scenarios often include:

  • Uphill climb – this is the most common answer why people carry their longboards. Longboards aren’t built for uphill climbs. They are built for downhill cruising and carving. Most skaters prefer downhill slopes; however – it may take some time to do that because you are walking with your longboard uphill.
  • Moving around – this happens in cases where you run into a setting wherein longboarding is prohibited. Then this will give you the reason to carry your longboard and find another location. You might carry your board for a while if your group doesn’t have a vehicle and instead go for a long walk.
  • Going to a location – you may choose to ride a bus or a bike and go to a certain location where it is a place for longboarding. This happens when you are not fond of going to a location with your longboards because it takes up too much time, and when you arrive at the location, you are already tired.
  • Commuting – when commuting, you need to carry your longboard, especially in public places, going through security checkpoints in a mall, using the elevator, or bathroom. There are areas wherein longboarding is off-limits, and you might want to pick/carry your longboards in a certain location.
  • Traveling in far location – you’ll need to carry your longboard if you are to embark on a long trip that requires air travel, or long-distance travel. The best thing to do is to carry or store your longboard to be comfortable during the travel.

Different Ways to Carry Your Longboard

Want to know the useful ways of carrying a longboard? Check on these ways to let you know how to do it properly. 

By Hand

It is the most obvious choice when carrying your longboard. Carrying your longboard is just fine whenever you find yourself going for a short walk or uphill climb, and the only thing you carry is your longboard. It is the most common method for carrying your longboard because once you are tired, you can easily drop your deck and go for a ride instantly.

By using a shoulder strap

Shoulder strap for carrying longboards is a better alternative than your hand. Although they are quite bothersome because of how big longboards are. Longboard straps work like backpacks, and they are beneficial for long walks, long climbs, and going through areas where longboarding is prohibited.

By using a longboard bag

They work similarly like backpacks and straps. However, longboard bags are specifically made for carrying longboards. They are the better alternative to straps but sometimes are costly. Longboard bags offer more protection and safety for your longboards, especially if you go to a certain location that is very far. They are quite convenient and comfortable to have too.

Carrying a longboard through a backpack

It is the most classic way on how to carry a longboard. Most longboard skaters are oftentimes students, and they find it hassle to provide straps or longboard bags. This results in having your bag carry your board. However, due to the size of the longboard, they may not be suitable for backpacks. The ideal boards for backpacks are little boards only. They are somewhat limited because not most bags can accommodate a longboard.

Through a travel bag

Carrying your precious longboard in a longboard travel bag may be an elegant way to do it, but it comes at a steeper price when you compare it to the other options. They are only ideal if you go to a certain location where it requires air travel.

In case you don’t, most airlines prohibit longboards as hand carries. So, it may be fitting enough to provide your longboard with a travel bag. Elegant but expensive.

Final Thoughts 

So, we’ve looked at a wide variety of how to carry your longboard without hassle. There are tons of options available for you. It ranges from grabbing by a single hand to providing straps and bags.

Whatever your preference is, always remember that having something to carry your boards will prove beneficial in a lot of ways. Also, whatever scenarios you may run into, always wear your protective equipment to avoid injuries.

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